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Consuming vitamins and minerals naturally

Updated on March 4, 2014

If you're interested in that you will always have the vitamins and minerals you need daily for you to enjoy good health, or are thought becoming a vegetarian, vegan or already are, the seeds have all we need, I'll tell you some that like ... I get in my city most in a health food in health food stores and other pharmacy


The flaxseed contains 7 times more potassium than a banana and more calcium than a cup of milk. Consuming a ½ cup of flaxseed oil per day will provide 831mg potassium , 236mg calcium , magnesium 431 mg , and 112 mcg of folic acid.

Excellent source of antioxidants, which prevent aging and premature aging of the skin.

Inflammation of internal organs such as the liver, kidneys and pancreas the flaxseed is a very powerful pancreatic regenerator, so that significantly helps reduce the high level of blood glucose eradicating diabetes in no time

Eliminates cirrhosis by increasing the count of hepatocytes in the liver and in the process , of course , it reduces inflammation . Recharge kidney enzyme , helps eliminate excess fluid .

Prevents arteriosclerosis
Assistance in cases of gout and other types of rheumatism , oedemas , gastritis and stomach ulcers

Ideal for hypertension

Contains lipase, an enzyme that helps to purify harmful fats in the veins , arteries, or simply fat deposits , so it serves as an extraordinary remedy for obesity , cellulite, swollen abdomen , etc.

Helps burn fat, lower cholesterol , provides muscle tone. Very good food for weight control diets or cholesterol -lowering
A great remedy for kidney and bladder disorders ( cystitis ) , effective against urinary tract infections because it kills the bacteria in the urinary tract


Contains a substance which resembles the prostaglandin , which regulates the pressure and arterial function, whose benefits play an important role in fat metabolism, calcium and energy.

Linen is the only food that estrogen blocks the way and has a stimulating effect on it. This is because it has that rare combination of a weak estrogen and omega-3 fatty acid.

Flax seeds have lots of dietary fiber, are the richest plant source is called Omega 3 fatty acids and the richest source of weak estrogen, which makes it a superfood
It contains phytochemicals called lignans are potent anticancer .

Its fiber is much higher than any other cereal and is therefore highly recommended in diets for weight loss , lowering cholesterol and preventing constipation . The Omega 3 that owns the flax or fish exceeds that of any vegetable or cereal.

The lignins according to scientific research , fighting chemicals causing cancerous tumors and block estrogen receptors , which could reduce the risk of colon cancer, lung cancer , prostate cancer, breast cancer.

Linseed or Flax seeds have a beneficial effect on other diseases :

Inflammatory diseases, skin and hair, stress, diabetes, digestion, heart disease, over weight, sexual problems, vitality, water retention, visual function, adrenal function, sperm formation, cystic fibrosis, multiple sclerosis, infertility, abortion , schizophrenia, glandular dysfunction, bipolar depression, allergies, addictions to drugs and alcohol.

It is estimated that diabetes in adults is partly due to the deficiency of alpha-linolenic acid ( LNA ) and excess saturated fat.

Chia Seeds

Helps reduce bad cholesterol and triglycerides.
Regulate blood clotting, skin cells, membranes, mucous membranes and nerves. This promotes tissue regeneration and for this reason some athletes use it.

Allows the growth and regeneration of tissue during pregnancy and lactation.
Chia is the highest plant source of omega- 3 fatty acid.
Contains complete protein providing all the essential amino acids. This is important for vegetarians

Improves cardiovascular health, aids digestion , boosts immunity, improves mobility and joint function , enhances energy levels and concentration.

Chia is a good source of vitamin B. If the vitamin content of chia compared to other grains , it is shown that this is higher in niacin than corn, soybeans and rice. The content of thiamine and riboflavin is similar to rice and corn.

Excellent source of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, iron , zinc and copper .

Chia has 6 times more calcium, 11 times more phosphorus and potassium 4 times 100 gr. milk .

Iron levels of chia , are very high for this level being unusual seeds. Comparing the level of iron containing chia with other traditional products which are known as sources of this mineral, chia has 6, 1.8 and 2.4 times more iron than spinach, lentils and liver, respectively.


Alfalfa has great nutritional properties, and once, medicinal. Regarding the first aspect, the alfalfa has more than twice the protein, four times more calcium and two times more iron than most vegetables or milk.

Even its vitamin composition is superior to possess four times more vitamin A, three times more vitamin B complex and nine times more vitamin E without also having a high percentage of vitamin K.

This plant is considered diuretic, because increases the secretion of urine. While cleans the kidneys, the liver and also cleans and purifies the blood in case you have pimples and blackheads.

This plant strengthens the lungs and fights osteoporosis.


Amaranth means "eternal life" , has the advantage that it can store up to 10 years .

• It is rich in dietary fiber and starch
• It contains phosphorus, calcium, iron.
• Vitamins A, C , B1 , B2 , B3 and E.
• Contains proteins capable of eradicating colon cancer .
• Is dietary

• Has the amino acids your body needs.
• In sheet form contains iron , easier to assimilate than other vegetables and has more nutritional properties chard , kale and spinach.

• It has twice the protein of rice.
• Useful in altered psychological states and scary situations .
• Serves as a laxative and dietary fiber.

• Does not contain cholesterol.
• It is 100 % digestible.
• Good for memory, since this is super cereal to balance the calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, can keep your brain in good shape.

• Containing Lysine (amino acid of high biological value ) helps memory, high intelligence and learning
• With amaranth ( natural ) you can fight osteoporosis and anemia.


Flavor and aroma similar to cocoa husk, it is ideal to give a delicious flavor to vegetable milks.

Having between 40 and 50% (fructose, glucose and sucrose) natural sugars which make unnecessary the addition of sugar refined cocoa required.

Preparations used for breads and cookies, has no gluten, Wherefore is suitable for coeliacs ...
Especially abundant in the coarse fiber sifting flour.
It has calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, silicon, potassium and low in sodium, 7 times less cocoa
It contains vitamins A, B1, B2 and D.

Pecan Nut

The pecan contains numerous photochemical of conditions that prevent colon , stomach and rectal cancer. The pecan also contains vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that prevents heart disease, some cancers , Parkinson's disease and other conditions such as cataracts

Approximately 70% pecan oils are monounsaturated fatty acids ( oleic acid) and 17% are polyunsaturated ( linoleic ) . Monounsaturated fatty acids reduce bad LDL cholesterol and maintain the same level of good cholesterol HDL .
It is an excellent source of protein and minerals such as Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium , Zinc, Calcium, Iron , Manganese, Selenium and Vitamins A, C and E.

Carbohydrates (sugars ) represent 13 %. But the difference is in the type of carbohydrates : the de la Nuez Pecan , being slow release makes it totally unfit for consumption diabetics.

CONTAIN FOLIC ACID , which is a type of B vitamin involved in the formation and growth of various vital tissues. Therefore should be present in the diet of PREGNANT WOMEN AND TEENS .

The daily 25 to 50 grams per day (8 nuts per day) of PECAN NUT consumption helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by 60 %


You do not have gluten, is rich in antioxidants, short diarrhea and regulate bowel function having an astringent property.
contains significant amounts of fiber, iron, zinc and antioxidants
Prevents diseases such as colon cancer, anemia, the diabetes, etc..
It also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Carbohydrates. 74.6 g
Fiber. 6.3 g
Proteins. 11.3 g
Total fatty acids. 3.3 g
Saturated fatty acids (SFA). 0.5 g
Monounsaturated fatty acids (AGM). 1g
Polyunsaturated fatty acids (AGP). 1.4 g
Omega-3. 65mg
Omega-6. 1305mg

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds have many health benefits in general and more specifically for weight loss. If you are looking to lose a few kilos naturally, you can use the properties of sunflower seeds for weight loss , thanks to the nutrients that compose them.

Nutritional information per 100 g of sunflower seeds :

Carbohydrates: 8.5 g
Fat : 47 g Free cholesterol containing unsaturated fatty acids.
Protein: 28 grams
Vitamin E: 22 mg .
Potassium: 730 mg .
Calcium: 100 mg .
Phosphorus: 595 mg .
Magnesium: 395 mg .

It has a high percentage of unsaturated oils, these oils not only help mobilize accumulated fatty tissue , but also lower LDL or bad cholesterol .

For its antioxidant content , sunflower seeds and improve the cell metabolism of the whole organism .
It is a food rich in dietary fiber, it has 2.50 grams of soluble fiber and 3.80 grams of insoluble fiber. Thanks to the fibrous content , is considered a high value food satiety .

Due to their fiber content , they are considered cleansing , helping to improve intestinal motility .
By virtue of these benefits, sunflower seeds are a great place to incorporate a low calorie diet food.

You can eat them for breakfast, snack or a snack , replacing crackers or bread. This way , you'll be incorporating not only calories and carbohydrates , but also nutrients that can help you lose weight in a healthy way.

As complementary information about how seeds can benefit your health, I share with you this videos. Enjoy :)


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