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Continuing Feature on Typhoon Haiyan Aftermath: A Teen's Deepened Compassion To Help Others

Updated on May 21, 2014

A week before my Filipino virtual assistant, Bernadette, was scheduled to fly to Tacloban, Philippines to participate in a Trauma Healing Workshop in my behalf, her son, Anton, found himself in a circumstance that convinced him that he needed to visit Tacloban and help out in any way can, as well. Anton in one circumstance rode a cab, which he found out was driven by that one person whose video went viral in the aftermath of super typhoon Haiyan.

The driver recounted that he has been living in Manila, the northern part and capital of the Philippines, driving a cab to earn a living. His wife, two children and the rest of his relatives were all in Tacloban when the super typhoon ravaged the city. Imagine his shock when he saw on tv that the place where their very house stood on was now standing a large ship. Shockingly, the ship was brought ashore by the strong current and high flood created by the super typhoon. He tried calling his family but all communications in that place was cut off. For days, he kept on crying because he did not know if his family was still alive.

Until one day, one of his passengers who got to learn of his situation decided to record the driver’s story on his mobile phone. This story immediately went the rounds of all networking sites. A few days after, one of the biggest news networks, GMA7, picked up and featured the driver’s story. They arranged for him to go to Tacloban in one of the military planes to check on the whereabouts of his family. Funds were also raised to support his cause.

He was greatly overjoyed when he finally located where his family relocated and found everyone alive and safe.

The driver’s story prompted her son to join the mission and he even participated in the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping workshop to release the emotional traumas of the 30 or so participants.

This young man chose to spend his pre-bday weekend hearing out tales of sadness, grief, horror and despair, but wrapped up each day sending the partcipants smiling, relieved, hopeful and healing, in a place where only the unimaginable happened. His awakening: In these times when most young ones only dream of the latest gadgets, here, most people barely had anything left to survive life with.

A 19 year old, he previously learned of EFT through my skype meetings with his mom and found the idea quite silly and did not believe that it could give the effect that people claimed. His experience in Tacloban effectively convinced him otherwise. When he heard for himself the terribly sad and heart-wrenching stories of the participants, and saw with his own eyes the positive effect that EFT had them, he was greatly convinced. Now, he even shares to friends the wonder of EFT and convinces them that it could be a very practical and big help to them, too. He promises to use the whole experience to be the best person he can be!



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