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Control your weight without dieting

Updated on August 29, 2017
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Fascinated by the interaction between mind and body, Em uses herself as a research subject, exploring ways to attain to optimal well-being.

Secret Tips and Tricks for Weight Control

  1. Diets don't work
  2. Drink a cup of success!
  3. The perfume secret
  4. The liquid secret
  5. Why diet drinks can boost your mood
  6. How to burn fats and calories faster
  7. Timing is everything

Diets Don't Work

Dieting can be fun, but mostly it is a chore. Plus, it does not work in the long run, only the short term. Research has shown that people who do one diet, go on to do another diet later, when they regain the weight they lost. Every time they regain the weight they lost, they also gain a little bit more on top of that, so they end up much heavier than they were when they first dieted.

But, as I said, dieting can be fun. Sometimes I see a diet in a magazine or newspaper that looks so intriguing, that I simply have to try it, even if I do not need to lose weight! If you are like me, go ahead and try that strawberry milkshake diet, if you want to. Just do not expect it to contribute to your long term weight loss.

Drink a Cup of Success!

Perhaps you knew already that coffee can diminish your appetite, but did you know it is also good for you? Scientists have long known that drinking coffee can improve your mood, but the latest findings show that it is also protective against liver disease. People who regularly drink coffee have less chance of developing hepatocellular cancer. The more you drink, up to around four cups, the greater the protective effect.

The Smell of Success!

The perfume secret

There are some tricks you can try, if you are on a diet, or even if you are not, that will help you to resist eating. It has been suggested that brushing your teeth after you eat will turn off your appetite. I think this is because of the effect of the peppermint taste and smell of the toothpaste, which damps down the signals coming from your taste buds. Any strong scent will have this effect, so wear perfume to help you eat less.

Perfume, Your Secret Weight Loss Weapon

Use your favorite perfume as your secret weight loss weapon. I love the complex and intriguing notes of Mitsouko, but you may prefer a modern lighter fragrance. Either way, splash it on liberally and watch your appetite for food diminish!


The liquid secret

Filling up on water will help to make you feel full without eating and should certainly help to maintain you in a healthy condition, whether or not you are dieting. Feelings of hunger, particularly sugar cravings, are often messages of thirst in disguise, so always respond to hunger by first drinking something and then waiting to see if you still feel hungry before you have something to eat.

Rather than a solid snack, try a cup of soup. This will often deliver fewer calories than a solid snack, while giving a comforting feeling of satisfaction. Soup can be very nutritious as well.

Why diet drinks can boost your mood

When choosing your drinks, go easy on fruit juice and cola. Both of these, even though fruit juice is supposed to be healthy, can wreak havoc on your teeth. I recommend moderate use of diet soft drinks, even if you are not on a diet. They are kinder to teeth and contain aspartame, a derivative of phenylalanine. Phenylalanine is a naturally occurring amino acid that has a beneficial effect on your mood. However there are concerns as to the safety of aspartame, which can also cause mild diarrhea, so limit your intake to a couple of drinks a day.

How to burn fats and calories faster

People who eat everything they want, yet never gain weight are thought to have a high metabolic rate. The easiest way to raise your metabolic rate is to take aerobic exercise early in the day. Doing this will raise your body's metabolic rate for the whole day, meaning that your body will burn fats and calories at a faster rate than it would have done at a lower metabolic rate.

Timing is everything

The old saying is, breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper. Most people do not have time to eat a large breakfast, but the earlier in the day that you eat your main meal, the less likely it is to leave an unwanted effect on your body weight. I have a confession to make: I never eat breakfast. I know this is against most nutritional advice, but I have a firm commitment that I will never eat any food I do not want to eat, even it is at breakfast time! So that is saving on calories that I do not notice and do not miss.

Do You Skip Breakfast?

Do you listen to your body when it tells you it isn't hungry at breakfast time?

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We know that exercise can burn calories, but did you also know it can help to suppress appetite? Schedule your exercise session shortly before your meal to release mood boosting endorphins that will help you to eat less at the table.


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