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6 Foods that Fight Fat build-up in Body

Updated on March 21, 2014

According to some researches our body fat could be effectively curbed by consuming foods responsible for improving our lever which happens to be the prime fat-burner in our body.

So which are the everyday food ingredients which come under the above discussed specs? The following information discloses them serially, read on to know which 6 foods could help fight fat build-up in your body.


Leafy vegetables

All food members that come under leafy vegetable such as spinach, mustard green, spring mix, and other similar vegetables are rich in fiber and a lot of nutritional value.

Research has shown that the leafy vegetables due to their rich volume of vitamins and antioxidants help us to keep our stomach at “peace” and reduce our craving for food for a much longer periods of time. Furthermore the above ingredients also fight heart disease, dementia, cancer and other crucial body ailments.


Legumes and Beans

These are known for their hearty content of fiber, more than perhaps any other food source. Being high in potassium, beans and legumes help to restrict dehydration and keeps heart attack risks in check. Such foods also help to keep blood sugar at a safe level. All these properties keep our metabolism active which in turn reduces fat development in out body.


Onions and Garlic

Onions and garlic are no doubt famous for their germ killing properties, but these are also expert in breaking down fat deposits and cholesterol in our body. Therefore eating lots of these ingredients can definitely help keep you free from getting fat quickly.



This yellow vegetable fruit is pretty popular in our kitchens and gets involved in almost all types of meals. Turmeric has a high content of beta carotene, a strong antioxidant which has the potentials of protecting our lever from free radical attack. Optimal inclusion of turmeric in our food habit produces a stronger and a much healthier lever increasing metabolism and a significant cut down in fat building.



Cayenne is a spicy product that will tackle the rise of insulin in your body by gearing up your body metabolism and by pulling down blood sugar level. This action stops insulin from making fat in your body keeping you lean and smart.



At the US Department of Agriculture, researchers have identified that small quantities of cinnamon in our food could help control blood sugar significantly, could be by 20% than if it wasn’t included in the food. We all know how a sugar boost in our blood can speed up fat deposits under our skins. So from now on make sure you add a teaspoon full of cinnamon in every meal you come across, and make yourself fat free without any exercise.

The above discussion told us about the main 6 foods which could be used for cutting down or fighting fat in our body....if you have more to add, please do it through your valuable comments.


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