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Controlling Diabetes With Your Diet

Updated on August 27, 2012

The What

No one wants to have to prick three times a day!
No one wants to have to prick three times a day! | Source

What is Diabetes

Diabetes is very simply a disease that affects our blood sugars. This is important due to the fact that low or high blood sugars can make use faint or get dizzy. In worst case scenarios it can even make you black out completely. Your quality of live decreases drastically as well as your ability to eat what you want when you want. Your body does not know when or how to properly produce insulin, leading to these issues. It gets more complicated than this but for our purposes this will suffice or you will already know about it. If per chance you want to learn more in depth what Diabetes is you can always read from Medicinal News Today.


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Why Diet Control Works

Diet control can help you keep your sugars in line by giving your body the types of food that will not give you spikes. This is directly related tot he glycemic index which we will discuss later. In short some foods will fill your body with sugar, more than you can produce insulin to counteract. Some will give you none at all which causes the opposite reaction. Either one is not good for you and aside from the immediate side effects does long lasting damage. By eating better foods for your condition you are limiting the amount your body has to compensate simply by controlling what your body is doing through food.

To be brutally honest diabetes is a modern plague. It did not exist 200 years ago or even 100 as a serious health risk. The main reason for this is that we are designed to eat certain things. A hunter gatherer diet if you will. When we eat those things our body has been designed by God to process those foods and work in sync. You may say we evolved that way if you prefer. Either way we are designed to eat certain things. Nuts, fruits, vegetables, and small amounts of meats. A prime example of what we are not designed to eat is milk. We are not designed to drink milk from the tit of an animal after the age of two. It is unnatural for us to do so. However, we are designed to kill the animal and eat it if occasion permits, therefore we will get sick from most milk products as a general rule and feel fine if we eat limited quantities of meat.

When we look at what we should be eating it also does not include processed foods and foods kept preserved for a long period of time with sodium or other harsh preservatives. We should now take a look at the Glycemic Index and see what foods will keep your blood sugars in line.

Here it is.

The List.
The List. | Source

Would You Look At That!

Aside from the skim milk, everything on the bottom half of that list is what we all know we should be eating. The things on the top include...Donuts. Really if that does not make sense your diabetes is most likely already out of control! As you look at the index you want to keep the Index low. This means when you eat your body does not have to deal with as many carbohydrates being dumped into your bloodstream. This makes it easier to adjust to proper levels. It also allows your body to stay active in the digestion process hours longer which will slowly continue to release those carbohydrates into your system.

If you are a serious junk food addict and you eat a donut with a score of 76. Your body will practically stick an IV into your system and inject 40 grams of sugar. For someone who has a hard time producing insulin properly if at all, that is a big deal!

Eat Right!

If you do or do not have Diabetes it is always imperative that you eat right. Staying away from processed carbohydrates is a main component of that. It goes hand in hand with ensuring you are eating the right amount of fruits and vegetables as well as healthy fats. Things like avocado and nuts will help you keep hormone levels in balance and keep from compounding the issues you are already experiencing.

The actions you need to take.

  1. Cut most if not all processed grains from your diet.
  2. Add 4-5 servings of vegetables with at least two being green.
  3. Add 5-6 servings of fruits to your daily intake.
  4. Space your meals over 3-5 different portions throughout the day. Do not eat one giant meal a day with snacks. Allow your body time to process and ensure it is always working on something.

Don't get discouraged. Using these tips and information from your doctor can largely keep you from needing insulin, via needle or pill. If you get down and stop controlling yourself you run the risk of needing it. If you lead a healthy life style you can remain independent of daily checking your sugars and attempting to control them with medications and expensive treatments. I hope I have helped and look forward to your comments.


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    • Francesca27 profile image


      6 years ago from Hub Page

      Very good information. Thanks for putting this hub together.


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