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Conversations with your body

Updated on June 17, 2013

Conversations with your body

Did you ever have a conversation with your body? If so did it ever respond to you in kind? I have had several conversations with my body throughout my life. I do believe it has helped me for the most part. When I listen to it , It definitely responds. When I don't listen to it, It lets me know and sometimes very loudly. Pain is one way the body lets me know what it wants and pleasure is also a way the body lets me know that it's happy. So I try and keep my body happy so I won't receive the pain messages. Getting rest when my body is weary and learning how to say " NO" and not overdo. That is a difficult one as I try not to put off things I can do now, but sometimes I procrastinate till a future time. I know there is always tomorrow but what that day will bring who knows???

Listening to my body takes time and patience. When I find the time ,it tells me what I am hungry for or what I need to do in emergencies. I think it is called intuition. When I am in tune with my body and mind I will have interesting conversations. Sometimes I get guidance to, for instance, call someone I haven't seen or heard from in a while, drive to a certain place or purchase a certain herb for whatever may be ailing me at the time. It never seems to fail that it is always the perfect thing at the perfect time that I am being told to do something. I think all of us have this innate quality about us if we will listen. It is not any specific time or place, it just seems to come through right in the moment the information is needed. Almost like serendipity. I find when I am in the flow of life a following my inner guidance, body/mind/spirit, that all other things seem to fall away and divine right timing kicks in.

I have recently started journaling again and it is really helping me remember certain things about myself that I'd forgotten. In life we are continuously learning about ourselves and our surroundings and I hope you will all take the time to have conversations with your body and will listen to whatever it is that comes through for you. Sometimes it may come to you in a dream or just driving down the road or just sitting and meditating or going for a walk in nature. It is very random but when the information comes it is usually for your best and highest good.

Wishing you all wonderfull conversations with your body/mind/spirit now and always.

Many Many blessings to you.


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    • moneyfairy profile image

      moneyfairy 5 years ago

      Violet Flame: I'm glad you liked this hub. Blessings to you too!!

      Life Iz Beautiful: Thank you for the kind words!!!Glad you liked this hub!!Have a wonderful day too!!

    • Life Iz Beautiful profile image

      Salini 5 years ago from India

      I have daily conversations with myself. For me I am my bestie and it has so far been very helpful for me for making decisions.

      I am also acutely aware of the need, want, changes within and outside of my body which I believe is due to the close harmony or conversation with self that i share with my self.

      I loved your hub.

      Have a great day ahead dear.

    • Violet Flame profile image

      Violet Flame 5 years ago from Auckland, NZ

      Hi moneyfairy,

      This is so very true!!!! The more you listen, the more you are at one with your mind/body/spirit, the more frequent and clear the conversations become. They also come through directly to me through my dreams, through the feeling in my body. I will never stay at any place where my body does not feel comfortable to be in. And we can alway rearrange our environment in a way that makes even our body feel happy and uplifted. Thank you for this awesome communication! xoxo blessings xoxo