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Convicted Serial Killer Ricardo Ramirez

Updated on May 6, 2012

Story behind Ricardo Ramirez

Ricardo Ramirez is a satanic worshipper, rapist, and convicted serial killer. He's currently on death row at San Quentin State Prison in California awaiting execution. The news media named him the night stalker when he was still on his killing spree because he appeared in the homes of his victims. Some people he allowed to live, but most were brutally murdered.

He's the youngest member of his family, brought to life by Julian and Mercedes Ramirez. it is believed his older cousin Mike, a veteran in the Vietnam war influenced Ricardo's behavior. He would brag about torturing and killing Vietnamese adversaries and also displayed photos to young Ramirez of dead people. Women performing oral sex on Mike were shown to Ricardo in some photos, but the next photos show them with their heads severed.

To make things worse for the psychological health of serial killer Ricardo Ramirez, he watched as his cousin Mike shot and killed his wife at the age of 13. As the incident occured, Ramirez just stood as blood splattered on his face. Traumatizing moments in his life lead to criminal actions.

Illegal Activities

March 17, 1985 is when Ricardo Ramirez would kill his first victim. 22 year old Angelo Barrios was attacked outside, shooting her before entering the home, but she survived. Amazingly the keys she held in her hand deflected the bullet as she lifted her hands in defense. The next victim wasn't so lucky. Dayla Okazaki was killed as soon as he was spotted by Ricardo.

Just one hour later he would kill again. He went to Monterey Park and jumped a 30 year old lady by the name of Tsai-Lian Yu, dragging her out the car. While on the road, he shot her several times and fled the scene. She was still alive when police arrived but the ambulance wasn't as lucky. She died before emergency teams arrived.

64 year old Vincent Zazarra and his wife, 44 year old Maxine were the next murder victims. The serial killer shot Vincent and his wife. He then mutilated her body with stab wounds and a T carved in her left breast. He also took time to gouge her eyes out. After this police found the bullets used matched the other murder scenes and they realized they had a serial killer on their hands.

After countless other murders, his luck ran out when he raped Inez Erickson. He make her swear love for Satan, tied her up and left. She seen the car he was driving from her window and reported the crime. Soon Mugshots were broadcast all over the country.


Ricardo Ramirez was captured by the angry mob and severely beaten until police arrived on the scene. While on trial, the jury found him guilty of 13 murders, 5 attempted murders, 14 burglaries, and 11 counts of sexual assault. On November 7, 1989, he was sentenced to die in the gas chamber. His trial was one of the longest lasting in American history. It took four years but he was finally sentenced to die.


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