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Cookbook Review: The Eat Clean Diet for Family & Kids

Updated on July 27, 2008

Looking for a way to get your kids started on the path to a lifetime of healthy eating patterns? Children learn their dining habits, bad and good, from their parents. The sooner you start teaching your kids how to eat healthy, the better equipped they will be to make smart food choices for life. The Eat Clean Diet for Family & Kids by best selling author Tosca Reno is a terrific resource for parents who want to set a proper example of healthy eating at home.

When you follow the tips and suggestions presented in The Eat Clean Diet for Family & Kids, you'll be able to make healthy changes to your entire family's eating habits. You and your kids will learn how to make smart food choices, which can help each member of your household prevent obesity and avoid developing diet related health problems as time goes by. Not only will you be modeling proper eating habits for your kids, you and each person in your family will enjoy the short and long term health benefits of proper nutrition.

The information presented in The Eat Clean Diet for Family & Kids is designed with the needs of busy, modern families in mind. According to author Tosca Reno, "Changing the eating habits of an entire family isn't easy, and it doesn't happen overnight - so it's important to start with a change you know your family can make." That's why the book is filled with ideas for incorporating small changes into your diet, step by step.

Examples of Suggestions for Healthy Eating

  • Instead of serving your kids Fruit Loops for breakfast, instead give them oatmeal topped with sweet, delicious fresh blueberries or banana slices.
  • Instead of drinking fruit juice straight from the container, mix it with two or three parts of water. This option provides a sweet, delicious beverage with fewer calories than plain fruit juice and without all the artificial ingredients and sugar found in soda and other sweetened beverages.
  • Make meal time a family event. Ban computers, television, IPODS, etc. during meal times. Focus on spending time you're your family and enjoying your food.

Recipe Ideas for Healthy Family Meals

You'll also find a broad selection of healthy recipes that everyone in your family is sure to enjoy in The Eat Clean Diet for Family & Kids. Among the many delicious selections, you'll find:

  • Eat Clean Egg Salad
  • Molasses Baked Beans
  • Smashed Potatoes
  • Sweet Whole-Grain Breakfast Pancakes
  • Many additional delicious recipes

You can find additional healthy recipes by Tosca Reno in The Eat Clean Diet Cookbook.


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