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Cooking Vegetables in a Fun and Healthy Way

Updated on May 26, 2011

Vegetables: How to Cook them in a Fun & Healthy Way?

Cooking vegetables requires the right knowledge so that nutrients can be preserved and utilized by our bodies in its highest level. It is never enough to know that you have vegetables in your plate; you should also know how you will cook it. There are lots of ways on how to cook and prepare vegetables but not all of them work with just any vegetables that come across your kitchen.

One of the easiest and simplest ways to eat vegetables is eating them raw. This is probably the best way in eating them as they are not subjected to heat and fire. Sometimes, when we cook vegetables for a longer time, the heat from the pan makes the nutrients evaporate. Succulent lettuce leaves, carrots, tomatoes with some fruits like apples can be made into a very mouth-watering salad. You may also add shreds of boiled chicken, crackers and some garnish to invite other members of the family who don’t love eating vegetables.

If you don’t have the stomach to enjoy raw vegetables, might as well try steaming them. Just place cruciferous and root vegetables in a steaming basket. While they are on a low flame, you may add some salt, cheese and oils for flavoring. Always place a cover on top of the steaming basket. The vegetables are also best when eaten right after they are steamed.

Vegetables are also better when sautéed and panned. Don’t apply too much oil in the mixture and always keep the flame low. While cooking, observe the vegetables as they give out their own juices. Take advantage of this natural juices and flavors in creating a delightful meal. Do not rely on artificial flavoring and coloring as they may only destroy the natural chemical composition of the vegetables. Notice how salt or vinegar alters the color of vegetable, this is a sign that the chemicals are too much and they are affecting the fibrous substances in vegetables.

Some vegetables are also good when grilled and roasted. Winter vegetables and some spices for example are best when roasted. Just make sure that you apply the right temperature. Placing the vegetables in some 400-450 degrees Celsius inside the oven is still okay and will not strip your vegetables of natural nutrients. Add organic seasoning and spices to make the taste more adventurous.

Healthy and delicious vegetable meals never mean that you have to spend lots of money for seasoning and artificial flavors. It also doesn’t mean that you have to stress your self out and spend longer time in cooking. With the right ways in cooking vegetables, you can have the right flavor and experience while eating. Eat healthy to live a healthier and longer life. Avoid fast foods and express meals as they contain few nutrients and may have been re-cooked several times. While eating, go for natural and organic drinks and desserts, too. Try minimizing on soda drinks instead drink lots of water to control appetite. Fruits also make good desserts and avoid eating chocolates and other sweets.

Simple Cooking: Roasted Vegetables

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