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Cope With Your Most Traumatic Moments with EMDR

Updated on December 23, 2010

A special program that supports a new therapy method

Cope With Your Most Traumatic Moments with EMDR

If your life has been altered by a traumatic event, or if you suffer from certain disabilities that can’t be traced back to specific physical issues then EDMR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy may be a solution for you.

Do you suffer from symptoms such as panic attacks, certain events that cause extreme nervousness, intense periods of that make you out of breath or sweaty? Or do you get angry for no good reason, practice self abuse, substance abuse, fighting, loss of interest in your goals, difficulty making decisions or general self abuse?

If any of these symptoms are habitual and you have no reasonable explanations for them then you may be suffering from a hidden psychotrauma from the past. Many obvious psychotraumas coming from such events such as witnessing injuries or deaths, assaults, rape, potential lethal injuries, sexual abuse or any other threats to your well being. Most of these can be diagnosed easily through typical psychotherapies.

But when there is sometimes no obvious event that stands out yet you still have the symptoms of a traumatic event then you may need to try a new therapy that goes beyond the traditional. EMDR is just such a process.

EMDR is a wide-ranging psychotherapeutic method to solving many of today’s toughest psychological problems without taking months or even years of traditional therapy. It draws from many traditional protocols used to maximize treatment effects but does so in a streamlined process to get to the root of your anxieties sooner rather than later.

EDMR testing and therapies use a variety of processes designed to help your doctor uncover your entire psycho-clincal situation. It evaluates the life changing events in your past which may have triggered certain current day anxieties. In many cases these life changing events are hidden or never consciously considered to be as such, yet they lay there in the deep confines of your memories. And those events have a huge impact on the person you are at this moment.

One real-life example of EDMR in action was outlined by Stephan Tobin Ph.D. It shows the power of EMDR to help a trauma survivor work through certain post traumatic disorders at a faster pace than is typically seen by traditional psychotherapies.

The client came in with a variety of symptoms and problems: Tired both physically and emotionally, feelings of failing, anger for no good reason and constant procrastination. It should be mentioned that this client was visiting New York on 9/11 and very close to the World Trade Centers when the terrorist event took place. While this event may have been enough in and of itself to cause all the symptoms, the client’s EDMR sessions revealed a variety of additional issues that were affecting the their actions and judgment. And just as importantly the EDMR therapy made amazing progress in only three sessions.

EMDR is supported by actual clinical trials and is the most researched psychotherapeutic treatment for post traumatic stress disorder. Studies have shown that EMDR was found to be a superior treatment over biofeedback relaxation, active listening and group therapy.

If you’re like most people you know very little about the EMDR process but may be intrigued about the little you have heard. Maybe you feel you have some of the symptoms that have been mentioned above. Or possibly you have tried other psychotherapy methods that have not worked for you.

Francine Shapiro Ph.D. is the originator of EMDR which has been so well researched that it is now recommended as an effective treatment for trauma in the Practice Guidelines of the American Psychiatric Association and those of the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs.

The Discover EMDR program is designed to provide an in-depth inauguration into the field of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. This four module audio book presented by Dr. Steve G. Jones is an unbiased look at this unique therapy.

Since Dr. Jones doesn’t offer the therapy himself you can be assured that there are no hidden agendas as he examines the various aspects of the process. What you will find is a complete assessment of the reasons to consider EMDR and what the benefits can be for you and your loved ones for today and the future.

You’ll hear about the eight different phases of EMDR and get a full explanation of what happens during each phase. With that kind of information you can make a more educated decision on whether EMDR is for you.

If you DO decide that EMDR therapy is for you, then you will value the twelve different questions you need to ask your potential therapist. Once you know the answers to these you will be at your highest comfort level throughout the EMDR process.

If you’ve ever gone through therapy then you know how expensive just ONE Session can be. The Discover EMDR program is designed to eliminate the examination phase of the therapy process which can take as many as 2-3 sessions which could cost you thousands of dollars, depending on your therapist. With the Discover EMDR program you will be able to make an educated decision and move right into therapy.

What is featured in The Discover EMDR Program?

Module 1

Begins with an introduction by Dr. Steve G. Jones. It includes some background and an initiation to EDMR and how hypnotherapy and EDMR can work hand in hand to help clients that have erratic symptoms and might benefit from EDMR.

The module includes the typical questions that someone new to EDMR might ask and then answers those questions with real life examples that will help convince you about the power of EMDR. Then the author presents his own real life therapy example and how EMDR helped improve his life by revealing hidden negative memories from his past.

You’ll also get some brief insight into the powers of the subconscious mind and the awareness that many of the traits and actions you do today are based on happenings and events that may have happened years ago.

Module 2

This module begins with advice and direction on where to go for further research on EMDR. You’ll get insight on a typical therapeutic session and how people’s lives can often be turned around in one session, a huge contrast to typical psychotherapy. It positions EDMR as a new alternative to more traditional therapies while still including many proven processes. The module covers various forms of trauma and introduces Dr. Francine Shapiro the developer of EMDR, and her position on trauma and the mind-body connection. You’ll also hear the typical symptoms the EMDR therapist might look for. This module looks at the power of the brain and why the brain-combined with EMDR are a powerful combination to fight off the effects of hidden traumas.

Module 3

Starts off with an examination of the questions the brain has about your actions. Hear how EMDR connects the different events of your life which apart may seem like nothing significant but together they create a traumatic memory.

You’ll get a point by point overview of the EMDR process including different methods of applying the EMDR treatment. You’ll get definitions of the term “Bilateral Stimulation (BLS)” which is used to activate the brain and begin to process memories that are locked away. It’s a simple process with very beneficial results.

There is additional detail on the three different phases of testing along with information to familiarize yourself with EMDR treatments such as Tac/audio scan, or Pulsar testing, with explanations of each. The whole purpose is designed to make you comfortable with the process should you decide this is for you.

You’ll get down to earth practical information including the twelve questions you want to ask your therapist before you begin a program.

Module 4

You’ll begin with further documentation on how your brain works, especially when you have a traumatic event. Understand how EMDR removes the emotional charges that result from a distressing incident.

Next you’ll hear about the various steps within the EMDR therapy. There are 8 different phases that begin with a groundwork process then move to an Assessment step, then proceed to a Reprocessing procedure and end with a Summary closure segment. Once you understand each of the eight phases, you will feel much more comfortable with the EMDR process.

Everything is presented in plain English and can be understood by anyone. Best of all because it is an audio program, you can listen to it again and again. Each time you will grab more information from the program.

Special BONUS Add-On Module.

As Clinical Hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones has helped hundreds of clients increase their abilities to learn and change through the use of Hypnosis. So, as part of this special Discover EMDR package he is including a personal Hypnosis audio module.

This one of a kind audio program designed to put your mind in the perfect state for improving your life. If at any time you feel tense, nervous, anxious or sad, this module is for you. It places you in a heightened state of relaxation and transforms you into a different world where you are in total control.

The Discover EMDR Hypnosis module paints a visual picture in your mind and takes you into a place where you become aware of every nuance that life has to offer. Where there is stress now there will be calm, where there was sadness, now there will be happiness, where there was nervousness now there will be peace. This module provides so much comfort that many find it addicting and use it again and again when life isn’t going according to plan.

With this complete Discover EMDR package you will be presented with the various procedures and protocols that are used to address your psychological issues. You’ll see how examining your deepest past memories relates to the current actions that make your life less than 100%. You’ll also study your potential future events and experiences while concurrently concentrating on a set of outside sensory activities.

Patients that participate in EMDR therapy will gain new insight on their personalities and what makes them act the way they do. They will recognize changes in how they react to their memories and normally end up with a more positive outlook on everything they experience. And, while this is the normal expectation, your experience may be different based on your therapist and participation level. What you will definitly experience is a lowered level of anxiety should you participate in this program, thanks to the variety of information you will get from the Discover EMDR audio series.

“I hope you will seriously consider my special Discover EMDR audio series. Through my years of research on this topic I feel comfortable recommending it for your consideration and feel confident that with this package you will be making a more educated and ‘smart consumer’ decision.

And, while moving forward with Discover EMDR is only one step in your healing process, it is undoubtedly the most important one. Remember; our path to peace begins one step at a time.”

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