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Is Your Pool Healthy?

Updated on October 17, 2010

Is Your Pool Healthy?

So I ask you, is your pool healthy? Most pool owners would say, “yes! of course” I check the pH, the chlorine and the alkalinity daily. What about debris? Oh heck yes! I vacuum it all the time and clean my filter regularly. That’s all well and good in most people’s minds, they would let their children and spouse swim without worry, free from dangerous bacteria, free of algae, free of toxins, right? Well, only part right. Your pool may not have bacteria or algae but it’s loaded with toxic chemicals. Say what? That’s what I said. One of the toxins comes right from your tap, chlorine and you add up to 10 times more to your pool than is found in city water.

Chlorine is very damaging to the human respiratory system. Chlorine stinks. Chlorine degrades clothing as well as pool liners. In addition, chlorine and most all chemicals commonly used in pool maintenance are skin and eye irritants. And, even a Medical College of Wisconsin research team stated “We are quite convinced, based on this study, that there is an association between cancer and chlorinated water” and some believe it to be responsible for a weakened immune system.

Oh, but I have a saltwater pool so I don’t worry about chlorine. I am here to tell you, worry! Salt water pools are not truly salt water, like the sea, all a salt water system really does is use salt to make, you guessed it, chlorine.

Did you know chlorine is absorbed more through the skin and by breathing than it is by drinking and you can absorb more chlorine after one hour in a pool than you would from a week of drinking tap water (and tap water is bad enough).

Now you may say well then I can’t have a swimming pool not so, let me tell you how I take care of my pool. I use a system developed by NASA to purify water in space, pretty cool. Copper ionization, it works better than any other pool disinfectant available today. So why doesn’t everybody who owns a pool use it? Maybe they just don’t know about it. My pool supply store has nothing in stock like copper ionization; they want to sell lots of expensive toxic chemicals. I spent seven hundred dollars for two ionizers, one for the pool and one for the hot tub.

My pool has never been cleaner and the water feels like silk. The copper bars in the ionizer tube are supposed to last three years but I think mine will make four or five years. I have to admit I need to use the $1.00 box of baking soda to raise my pH level and muriatic acid to lower it and about once a week add a quart of Hydrogen Peroxide, all natural stuff. As far as my hot tub goes it only holds about four hundred gallons of water, so when it becomes hard to balance, I dump it, fill fresh water and ionize it.

I have owned pools for many years and have never been happier, my pool is crystal clear and I have peace of mind knowing I’m not exposing myself and my family to toxic chemicals. What’s your next move?


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