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Cord Cutting- How Can It Help Your Health?

Updated on April 12, 2017

What Are Cords? And Why Do We Need to Cut Them?

Cord Cutting

Cords are attachments that occur between two people when they interact. Some cords are healthy - to loved ones and good friends, but we are talking about the ones that are not so healthy and can cause illness and fatigue.

A cord is formed when one person wants something from the other - healing, advice support, or any kind of attachment. So if you are a healer, or a teacher, each time someone thinks that you can help them, they literally attach a cord to you. If they then think of you often, the cord gets thicker and they can drain your energy from you if they think of you.

It is really important to cut your cords regularly. There are those that say that a lot of illness is present because of cords. Cut your cords every day or every time you think of it. It can really improve your energy levels and your overall health.

A Meditation to Help You

Here is a short 6 minute Cord Cutting Meditation that will help you to do the procedure and better understand how working with Archangel Michael can improve your health.

If you have not worked with the angels before, I have written many other Hubs about how they can help you.

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Cord Cutting Meditation with Archangel Michael

Why Does Cord Cutting Help?

Cord Cutting can indeed help your health as often the cords that are attached to us are draining our energy, or preventing us from moving forward...I hope that this short meditation helped you.

As a healer, every time one of your clients thinks that you can help them, they attach a cord to you. In fact, every time you interact with someone they attach a cord to you. Then if they are in your lives a lot, this cord becomes thicker and thicker, and eventually all they need to do is think of you and they are able to get energy from you.

To be clear, even if you love someone dearly, they will still have cords to you. You are not able to cut the cords of love that naturally run in families and relationships, but for example, you may love someone and find them needy, or miserable, or angry towards you. So you would be cutting those cords, and the cord of love will remain in tact.

If you imagine someone like Michael Jackson for example, he will have been plagued with cords of expectation from his fans, family and the music industry, anger, disappointment, sorrow, judgement and more. Especially around the time of the court case for example. So if you have gone through an experience that caused you to be judged or ostracised, cut your cords to the situation and all those that had an opinion.

If you feel that you would appreciate a bit more help with cord cutting than this short mediation can give you - go to and book an Angel Reading and we can address your cords and work with the angels to get rid of them for you.

Written by Caroline Nettle

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