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Core Beliefs and Why We Do What We Do

Updated on November 22, 2017

What Are Core Beliefs

Sometimes, the things we dream about and want, don't materialize for us. Why is that?

To a large extent, we are guided or misguided by the views we adopted as young children, that dictate every decision we have made in the past, today, and in the future. These observations formed impressions and skew our perspectives on ourselves, the people we meet, and the world around. These are known as core beliefs, which are the foundation from which we build our opinion about everything around us.

Core beliefs are the repetitive patterns of thinking we take as truths. These come from assumptions, ideas, and expectations about the way the world works which we concluded from our childhood experiences.

Core Beliefs Shape Our Reality

Core beliefs cause mental impressions that influence everything we have done, everything we do, and everything we will do, until we challenge these thoughts. Our beliefs attract consistent experiences and validate this thinking to be truths.

Core beliefs are a filter through which we see the world. In reality, core beliefs are merely assumptions we have made at an early age to explain the information we perceived.

Problem is, this information, these assumptions, these ideas, and conclusions are often flawed thinking. The way we think influences our behavior, actions, and activities. All this affects how we operate in the world, which drives results that support and maintain these core beliefs. Core beliefs are the foundation of everything we do and the way we look at things.

Success and self confidence, or lack thereof, are integrally tied to our core beliefs.

Core Beliefs are Formed in Childhood

The Creation of Our Beliefs

How are beliefs created?

Our reality is formed by our beliefs about reality. If we have accurate beliefs, we make effective decisions that produce desired results. When our beliefs are inaccurate, we make decisions that produce ineffective, negative, and undesired results.

If you are frustrated or stuck at a point where you know what you want, but you just can’t seem to achieve it, your beliefs may be the cause of the situation. Limiting self beliefs can inhibit us from truly achieving what we want for ourselves. If you are not aware of your limiting self beliefs you may take enthusiastic attempts to make progress, only to find yourself getting nowhere.

Even if you are aware of your limiting self beliefs, you can become attached to them, and shedding them requires a lot of work. But the work is well worth it, because your results are a more satisfied life.

We validate our core beliefs from the experiences, observations and interpretations of the world around us. We make decisions base on the reality we perceive, which causes us to think and then act in a certain way.

Core beliefs can be stopping you from creating

the life you want for yourself

How Do Your Core Beliefs Influence You

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Limiting Self Beliefs

Our actions become our consequences. Our consequences become our reality, which usually validates our core beliefs and reinforces our perception about what we want to believe. The truth of the world around us must match the core beliefs we can’t separate ourselves from.

Our beliefs can produce negative consequences. In the areas of our lives where we haven’t achieved satisfaction and success, even though we have tried different approaches, sits our limiting self beliefs. These limiting self beliefs don’t know how to process information which doesn’t match the beliefs.

Our mind won’t let us process or incorporate within us, anything that doesn’t fit within our own belief system. If your belief system is producting negative consequences, and preventing you from accomplishing your desires, it is time to correct and discard the limiting self belief. With a new belief, you can take action that will allow you to produce different results.

Everything We Do is Influenced by Our Core Beliefs

Create Beliefs that Serve You Well

It is not easy to change beliefs, but the effort is well worth it. When you adopt a new belief you will be able to look at situations from a different perspective, and take different actions, which will lead to a different result. New results make you look at the world differently, which makes you feel differently, think differently, and seek results that continue to reinforce your thinking.

So the whole idea is to create beliefs that serve you well. A positive shift in your core beliefs can create dynamic results for yourself. Empower your beliefs about your career, your relationships, your quality of life, your finances, and create measurable and very positive results. Changing your limiting self beliefs starts within yourself. Allow yourself to see your beliefs and how they are holding you back. Create new beliefs to replace these limiting self beliefs. Then look outside yourself towards people who support and validate your new beliefs.

Wealthy people, for example, have a set of beliefs that are different than people who have less money. Adopting new beliefs can only happen when you choose to unlearn the old beliefs. To incorporate your new belief into your own being, it needs to be integrated into your mental operating system. Visualization, affirmations, and connecting it to a strong emotion will help reinforce your new belief.

Core Beliefs and How They Affect Our Behavior

Our Core Beliefs and Our Actions

New beliefs take time to become part of you. Sometimes we have psychological resistance.

Beliefs that are part of ourselves, are in harmony with our actions. The more extraordinary you want your desired results, the more you need to push beyond the limitations of social conditions. Extraordinary results require extraordinary beliefs.

What you believe about yourself affects how you behave. On an unconscious level, you look for evidence to support this thinking, not because this is reality, but because of your interpretations based on your belief system. Within the meanings of your experiences, you get validation and proof that your thinking is accurate.

We don’t know what to do with information that has no place for it. For example, let’s say a person believes they are not smart. Within the thoughts of their mind they will recall events where they said or did something dumb. This helps validate that they really are that way. Should they get a compliment about something brilliant they did, the person will discard the praise.

Why Do We Do What We Do

We choose our beliefs. Those who are aware of this, are conscientious about their thoughts and how it influences themselves. Those who are not aware of their beliefs are guided by them.

We assign meaning to events and to other people and then believe these meanings unquestioningly. Our beliefs influence every aspect of our lives, every decision, every relationship, every success and failure, every experience, and thoughts about ourselves. If you feel frustrated, trapped, and unsatisfied, it is your beliefs that have put you in this situation.

Our beliefs are expressed in our actions, our words, our thoughts. If we ask ourselves why we believe the things we think, and why we give them validation, we will have a greater insight into understanding our own motives for doing things. You can choose to change your thinking. It isn’t easy. Through mindfulness, self awareness, and the discipline it takes to substitute your old beliefs for new beliefs that give you joy and fulfillment.

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