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Corona -- A Cruel Fear Mongering Tool

Updated on May 28, 2020
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Val is a life-long practically oriented student of effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Collective Consciousness Contaminated by Fear

Ever since a tribal chief succeeded at convincing his people that another tribe was a deadly enemy, fear has been used to manipulate, to intimidate, and to keep masses obedient.

Times have changed since, so we don't have kings whose bad day with constipation might have resulted with a few people getting publicly executed. These masses have become educated, they got something looking like freedoms, human rights, and even equality is often being mentioned.

In short, they have become potentially dangerous to the institution of government, which, as we all know, has from ever been catering to the richest class. With public executions becoming extinct from the arsenal of intimidation, public fear from a made up boogieman comes the most promising next thing.

Religion must have paved the way to this method with its invention of evil, and its scariest propagators the Devil with a bunch of demons, as if not to make him feel lonely on his dark cosmic agenda. Who knows where religion got its initial inspiration -- maybe from a father who got too annoyed by his out-of-line kids, so he invented a boogieman to scare the crap out of his disobedient offspring.

America has been through a series of public boogiemen, none with a long lasting effect, because it's in human nature to get over the initial wave of fear -- so that a new one had to replace them.

Like, not necessarily in that order, but there we had that big scare of the Soviet Union and its communism. By some miracle, none of the dark prophecies manifested themselves, so here we still enjoy our beloved corporatism.

There is also this evil of republicans and democrats, both threatening to destroy the country -- that depending on who is talking, of course. With the Soviet Union falling apart, the need for a new fear created terrorism, and that not being enough, even our Mother Nature apparently turned against us with a global warming.

Indeed, never a dull moment on this planet. Well, not trying to point a finger at any particular "sinister force" -- let's just call them "they" -- who suddenly saw a window of opportunity to make some huge changes, but couldn't count on a blessing from the masses that just love their old ways, their comfort zone, their familiarity with things.

So, here "they" came with a solution, to scare shitless everybody on earth and soften them down into a new wave of submission. A wave that will more look like a tsunami.

Image by Alexandra Koch from Pixabay
Image by Alexandra Koch from Pixabay

Life is ten percent what we experience, and ninety percent how we respond to it.

-- Dorothy Neddermeyer

Good, Old Mass-Hypnosis

If I wanted to hypnotize someone with intentions to make them feel better, I would use the standard procedure of repeating to them in some dozen or more different ways my suggestion "to become more and more relaxed".

And if I wanted to hypnotically instill fear into them, I would be using exactly the same protocol -- repeating to them over and over, in many different ways, how they should be "more and more scared". You wouldn't believe what repetition does to the brain, and the media seems to be a master at it, as they are repeating to us ad nauseam the same thing, over and over, in different ways, about their new pet boogieman, the corona virus.

But, then, there are other components of a good hypnotic induction. Like, every hypnotist will tell you that "you are hearing only his voice". If I wanted to implement that for my hypothetical fear trance, I would reduce people's mobility, keep them at home, and separated from each other, to minimize the "distraction from any other voices".

In other words, I would keep them glued to the TV box and to its repetitive messages about the deadly virus coming after their precious asses. I would also close all parks, because parks are places where you may snap out of your fear trance, while enjoying too much of those beneficial negative ions, and generally a peaceful ambient that it provides.

So, no parks, no socializing, no closeness -- that sad sense of separation has to enhance that fear in you. And of course, there is that strong element of mass-hypnosis, where a feeling is highly contagious among people while they see each other wearing masks, with some evidently deflated spirits.

Fear of a penalty is an additional good motivator. Like, these days when I go with my wife for a stroll along a busy, stinking street, we'd better carry on us some document proving that we live at the same address. Because, of course, walking side by side, holding hands as we usually do, we might look to a cop like two strangers spreading corona on one another. Where does stupidity end, indeed?

Now, have you personally been diagnosed as positive for this corona? Anyone of your family, or friends? Don't mind my wondering, but, since "they" are admitting that "they" don't know much about this virus, and "they" are also admitting that their tests are not reliable -- how do you know that people are not getting sick and dying from just another, new strain of a flu?

Remember. every year during a flu season some 650,000 people die worldwide from flu. What happened with such victims this year, since nobody is seemingly dying from a flu, everybody is dying from corona?

If I wanted to throw in a dash of humor -- should we all rejoice now over that deadly flu being cured this year, along with all cases of common cold, laryngitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, and walking pneumonia, since everybody has decided to have symptoms, or even to die, from something more popular, like corona?

Please, don't mind my dark sense of humor, I just can't help seeing the crazy side of this fear.

Image by Alexandr Litovchenko from Pixabay
Image by Alexandr Litovchenko from Pixabay

Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

-- Jack Canfield

Respiratory System Weakened by Fear

So, what else is working for those fear mongers that would be good to mention? How about the fact that our respiratory system is very sensitive to prolonged emotions of fear, sadness, and insecurity?

Just like our liver is sensitive to prolonged anger; and our back muscles may go into spasm if we are missing family support; and our throat may get infected and sore if we are chronically holding in something that we want to say but don't dare to say it.

O.K., let's get back to that first one, never mind everything else what our crappy emotions can throw out of whack. So, by scaring people "they" are not only lowering our immunity via pituitary-hypothalamic-adrenal axis, but also weakening our respiratory system.

If you are doubting a connection between lungs and fear -- just remind yourself of times when you "lost your breath" being shocked or startled.

Besides, it is a known fact that all people prone to anxiety are breathing in a shallow and fast manner. Their diaphragm, which actually does the breathing, goes into a little spasm, making breathing harder. So, there you have a lot of scared folks with breathing problems, susceptible to infections.

Which must have been the general idea, to scare people; and who knows -- like those conspiracy theorists are alluding -- maybe to eliminate all those weak ones, as if going by Darwin's principle of the "survival of the fittest".

Then, what's the deal with that magic vaccine that everyone is hoping for? Isn't it true that viruses mutate, and no matter what the Big Pharma might come up with for this strain of "corona", it may not be good for the next season.

To me, it seems that the best protection is to lighten up, to find some joy in life by snapping out of this fear trance. We can still do all hand washing, and distancing, and sitting our asses at home -- but we don't have to be falling apart in dark expectation to be killed by a bug.

I said it elsewhere, and I will say it again -- I am not smart enough to play a conspiracy theorist, and there is no conspiracy without identifying those responsible. It's like, I don't have to be a meteorologist to recognize rain. So, I don't have to know anything political to recognize a massive fear mongering.

My main indicator is this ridiculously persistent and repetitive reporting about the deaths in every city, every country. Think about it. How does it help us in fight with this corona pandemic to be exposed to all those numbers?

Moreover, there we hear about false numbers, so -- why even resort to blowing it out of proportion? And "they" are already predicting -- while admitting how not much is known about corona -- that the next fall we are going to have it even worse. How can "they" tell, and -- for Pete's sake -- is that supposed to make us "more prepared"? Aren't "they" merely announcing that "their" game is not over yet, and we need to go into a little deeper trance not to pose a threat to whatever they are planning to do globally?

I have always been a political cynic, never trusted any of them, and the news media I trust even less. So, if you choose to see all this said here as a bunch of crap -- I won't be offended. But to my mind, it's a classical case of fear mongering, and I tend to trust my mind, it's the only one I've got. You feel free to use your own.

© 2020 Vladimir Karas


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