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Coronavirus: Is the Usa Slipping as Greatest Power as Us Navy Captain of Nuclear Carrier Pleads for Help for His Crew

Updated on March 31, 2020
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MG is an air warrior who is an alumnus of the Staff and a voracious writer on military

USS Theodore Roosevelt
USS Theodore Roosevelt


The United States has dominated the world for the last 100 years. The US domination commenced during World War I when it joined the war on the side of the allies against the Central Powers. There was no looking back after that and the United States went from strength to strength and at the end of World War II, it had reinforced itd position as the world's number one superpower.

Backed by a strong military the US also developed a massive industrial complex. American goods began to dominate the world. Things began to change in the sixties and seventies. Due to rising wages in America, the cost of production of items increased and the think tanks of the American industry realized that in case they were to improve the bottom line they had to outsource their goods to a country that could manufacture cheap for them.

During the next two decades, America began to rely more and more on China which while professing to be a communist state was, in reality, a totalitarian state that was far from the worker's utopia envisaged by Karl Marx. The state herded workers into factories and paid them much lower wages as they began to manufacture goods for most countries of the world.

The captains of American industry and the political leadership of America failed to realize that putting their eggs in the Chinese basket was akin to suicide. For a short time, there was a rosy dream. I have a feeling that the American political leadership also thought that they could partner China and share world leadership with them. When I think about this, I cannot help stating that I could die laughing on a bed of nails because the idea of a democracy partnering a naked dictatorship looks something unreal. Looking for short profits the American think tank did not notice that the trade with China had become one-sided with billions of dollars of the balance of payments in favor of China.

It is to the credit of President Trump that he decided to put brakes on China and began to levy tariffs and duty on their goods. Sometimes everything does not happen by the script and in came the coronavirus. This virus which came from China has completely infected America and over 150,000 people have tested positive and nearly 4000 died.

The Chinese played their cards adroitly and kept the virus secret for a few weeks till it became unmanageable. They allowed visitors from the epicenter Wuhan and China to travel all over America and Europe and these travelers spread the virus. It's a disconcerting thought that almost 3,500,000 Chinese visitors visited the United States in 2019.

China by strong-arm tactics has controlled the virus and as per reports, even Wuhan is no longer under quarantine. The same cannot be said of America where the Americans president has admitted that there could be more than a hundred thousand dead.

The ancillary industries have suffered and the unemployed American worker is now wondering what to do. In the meantime, the nuclear-powered strike carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt has reported that scores of sailors on board have tested positive for the coronavirus.

The carrier has a complement of 4000 crew. This is a massive number and a virus among them is nothing short of a calamity. The carrier is currently docked in Guam and is part of the US fleet that carries the American flag to all corners of the world.

Lock down time
Lock down time

Battle Efficiency

The commander of the aircraft carrier is captain Brett Crozier. He is a no-nonsense sailor and he has written a letter to the Pentagon in which he has stated that scores of people on board have tested positive. He has also added that " we are not at war and as such sailors do not need to die."

The letter with its contents has come as a bombshell to the Pentagon and the US president busy as he was with other aspects of controlling the virus has to face the new facet that has opened up.

Capt Crozier has recommended that it is important that the entire crew is quarantined.The logistic problems are like a nightmare as one will have to decide how to quarantine 4000 personal. Who will replace these men on the carrier? if that is not done the carrier will lose its potency and the cutting edge it gives American power.

In any warship where there are thousands of personnel to man the watch and other duties the sailors usually live in confined spaces and it is impossible to isolate sick individuals. This is precisely what has happened to Theodore Roosevelt. In his letter written on 30th March, Capt Crozier has said that the disease was 'ongoing and accelerating.''

The Pentagon appears to be nonplussed but at the same time has realized that decisive action is needed. Removing personal from an active duty nuclear-powered aircraft carrier and isolating them for two weeks is an extraordinary measure but there appears to be no choice in the matter.

The San Francisco Chronicle which was the 1st to report this sensational news has also said that at least hundred sailors are infected.

Layoffs surge
Layoffs surge

Last Word

What has happened to Theodore Roosevelt can happen to any other warship. The Americans have 10 supercarriers and we are not yet aware whether any of them are infected. We must remember from the example of cruise ships that had become infected on the high seas. The possibility of the infection spreading to US Navy warships is very real.

Effectively the virus has blunted the cutting edge of the US Navy which is the principal flag bearer of American might round the world. In addition, the US is in recession and the dependence on China is palpably clear from a press conference of President Donald Trump. In that press conference, the President did not berate China but mentioned that he had had a call from President Xi and it was a very friendly conversation. He went on to add that he was grateful that China was buying American pork and other products even in the time of this crisis. The line is clear that America is still going to be dependent on China to take its chestnuts out of the fire.

Once the virus goes away and God forbid more than 100,000 Americans die and industry and jobs are at a premium, the only way the Americans can think of staying afloat is with the help of China. This is a disconcerting thought and I am sure many Americans won't be happy with this idea and some may even contest it. As we say how a man looks is told by the mirror and people who are outside America can see the complete picture of how over the last two decades the Americans in every field from the South China Sea to trade have capitulated to China.

One fails to appreciate the American obsession that Russia is a danger. The bigger danger is China which after this virus is looking forward to taking the leadership of the world. God save us.


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    • emge profile imageAUTHOR

      MG Singh emge 

      13 months ago from Singapore

      Denise, thank you for sparing time and commenting.

    • PAINTDRIPS profile image

      Denise McGill 

      13 months ago from Fresno CA

      Indeed, God Save Us.



    • emge profile imageAUTHOR

      MG Singh emge 

      13 months ago from Singapore

      Thank you Devika, how is the situation in your country, Italy and Spain is terrible. Do take care of yourself and family.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      13 months ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Hi MG Singh you make an interesting analysis of this situation i heard this everything is about the virus. I plan to isolate for a few more weeks and try to live a normal life thereafter.

    • emge profile imageAUTHOR

      MG Singh emge 

      13 months ago from Singapore

      Thank you Chitrangada, for a very comprehensive comment. Yes, this is a trying time but China is still playing politics accusing through Pakistan that USA is the originator of the virus.

    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 

      13 months ago from New Delhi, India

      Interesting analysis, and some thoughtful points.

      Nothing matters more, other than saving precious human lives. Power, money, being rich or poor or influential, don’t matter, at least in the present situation.

      The present scenario all over the World is one of anxiety, uncertainty and frustration. This has definitely taught many lessons to everyone.

      To reflect more, to think of others too, not to take everything for granted etc.

      As always, you have shared another valuable article. Thank you and stay safe.

    • emge profile imageAUTHOR

      MG Singh emge 

      13 months ago from Singapore

      Thank you Pamela, lets hope for the best

    • emge profile imageAUTHOR

      MG Singh emge 

      13 months ago from Singapore

      Thank You Arindam, very correct but there is the danger of the USA slipping from its pedestal as a great power vis a vis China.

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 

      13 months ago from Sunny Florida

      The messages right now are firghtening. I can only do my part by social isolating,

      I was happy to hear this morning that the men have been taken off the USS Theodore Roosevelt. Trump is very serious right now and admitting that so many more may die.

      I am hopeful that some of the medications that have been used in France and in other places my help fight this virus.

    • profile image

      Arindam Kalita 

      13 months ago

      US Navy could be going through one of its worst time ever. Not only US, everywhere you can observe this kind of situation now only due to this pandemic"coronavirus". Only God knows what will happen next? The whole world has become unsafe now. Hope it's vaccine will be soon discovered asa all these great people from all over the world are doing very hard.

    • emge profile imageAUTHOR

      MG Singh emge 

      13 months ago from Singapore

      Dear Peggy, China would never have reached this position but for help from America. I wonder what is in store for the future. It's a frightening thought as admitted by Trump that a hundred thousand will die. I hope he is proved wrong.

    • emge profile imageAUTHOR

      MG Singh emge 

      13 months ago from Singapore

      Thank you, Ruby Jean, for sparing time and commenting

    • emge profile imageAUTHOR

      MG Singh emge 

      13 months ago from Singapore

      Hello Flourish, Your comment is always valid and to the point. Trump did blunder when he took the virus lightly in the beginning and that has taken the genie out of the bottle.

    • emge profile imageAUTHOR

      MG Singh emge 

      13 months ago from Singapore

      Dear Pamela, Thank you for commenting. The success of what Trump does will depend on the result. It's frightening that he has lost his old optimism and admitted over a hundred thousand Americans can die. I wonder....?

    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      13 months ago from USA

      Many Americans are fed up with Trump and just want to get through the crisis. We will get through these trying times. We just need to get rid of this horrible leader who has no plan. What a dunce.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      13 months ago from Southern Illinois

      I think it's a shame when our service men/women has to beg for help. They should come first. China having control scares me too.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 

      13 months ago from Houston, Texas

      These are hard times everywhere and power shifts are very likely ahead. Where all this ends is anybody's guess, but you made some excellent points. Much of the world now relies on China for their goods and this is unlikely to change anytime soon. Putting most of one's eggs in one large basket is never smart if independence is the goal.

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 

      13 months ago from Sunny Florida

      Your analysis is interesting and I heard about this ship on the news yesterday. I believe the president told this captain that the pentagon would handle this problem. I am a bit surprised by this answer.

      Overall, Americans think Trump has done a good job. We really won't have all the answers until this pandemic is over.

    • emge profile imageAUTHOR

      MG Singh emge 

      13 months ago from Singapore

      Thank you Bharat Sharan, my feeling is that the USA is now in eclipse. There are many reasons but perhaps its a cycle of history

    • bsharan12 profile image

      Bharat Sharan 

      13 months ago from Dhanbad

      It is very informative and will truly hurt America in the long run. The next steps of America and Europe has to be very watchful and in the right direction.

    • emge profile imageAUTHOR

      MG Singh emge 

      13 months ago from Singapore

      Thank you Hari Prasad for commenting.

    • shprd74 profile image

      Hari Prasad S 

      13 months ago from Bangalore

      Interesting analysis. No one can predict about the power shift but the vaccine that is yet to be made.


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