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Coronavirus Spreads Around the World

Updated on April 5, 2020

The outbreak of the corona virus continues to spread around the world. New cases of the illness have been detected in Italy, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Iran. China once had the largest amount of new cases with more than 70,000 people infected and nearly 3000 deaths. In Korea more than 5000 people have been exposed and infected with the corona virus.

The virus has caused growing concerns around the world as health and disease control officials try to measure and control the outbreak. The disease has spread throughout Europe with a handful of new cases daily. More than 150 nations now have new cases of the corona virus outbreak.

What is the Corona Virus

The corona virus is a illness that affects the respiratory system of the human body. It gives the victim flu like symptoms. The virus can be deadly if not treated early by antibiotics and other life saving medicines. The virus if not treated immediately can lead to pneumonia, respiratory lung and heart failure and death.

Victims must receive early treatment to prevent further spread of the illness to others. The virus is most contagious by close contact or by someone coughing or sneezing within 6 feet of you. It could also spread through the air and by location.


Head ache
Sore throat
Flu like symptoms

Affect on Society

Many people lives have been greatly interrupted especially in China where the outbreak was first reported. Schools across China have been closed to protect children from contacting the illness. Parents have been forced to home school their children because of the enormity of the outbreak in China.

Japan and Korea also have large outbreaks of the corona virus and have had to suspend military exercises across their nations. The U.S and global stocks markets have also suffered large losses. In the United States more than 200,000 cases of the corona virus have been reported by news outlets. The city of New York now have the largest amount of new cases with more 37,000 people infected with the virus. Drastic measures have now been put in place to stop the spread of the virus. Schools and business have closed. The government passed a stimulus package to aid the economy during this crisis. America has also suffered the largest increase of unemployment in its history with more 3.4 million people filling for unemployment benefits.

Discrimination against Asians

In the U.S Asian owned business have suffered large reduction of customers due to concerns over the corona virus outbreak in Asia. Many Asian Americans have been discriminated against in schools as well. Ignorant individuals have blamed the Asian community for the illness because they fail to understand that it is a human respiratory problem not a specific race issue.

Some people believe that may get the virus if they eat at a Korean, Chinese or Japanese eatery or market which is absolutely absurd.

Measures are now being put in place to stop such ignorance and to spread better awareness. U.S health officials are dealing with the problem state by state especially in California, Michigan, New Orleans and New York where there have been large increases of cases of the virus. Those cases are not related at all to the Asian community or any Asian countries.

What are your concerns about the corona virus?

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