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Correct Iron Deficiency-Anemia with Lactoferrin-Reverse Osteoporosis

Updated on January 20, 2012

Fight the Effects of Anaemic Iron Deficiency Fatigue & Lethargy Whilst Protecting Your Body’s Cells

Lactoferrin Health Supplements Product review:

Natures wonder anti viral supplement form derived from milk whey works with your body’s own immune system to fight the effects of anemic iron deficiency, fatigue & lethargy, whilst protecting your body’s cells!

Stimulating normal bone growth, reversing the effects of osteoporoses, eliminating lethargy & fatigue, repairing incapacitating bone, joint or muscle pain, protecting against Candida, & gum disorders such as periodontal problems, fighting off viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, E. coli, diarrhea, gastrointestinal disorders, IBS & negative bowel conditions, reducing iron toxicity whilst encouraging normal cell proliferation, stomping out hepatitis C, aiding beneficial bifidus proliferation within the gut area & intestines.

& even thwarting the HIV virus!

By Dale Ovenstone Updated 2012

I know, the headline above, & the claims that come with it are quite bold, or even hype, on the other hand, you could say remarkable, but it’s because, recently, I have been researching just one of my favorite subjects, for my very interest in using our body & mind, whilst learning alternative health remedies incorporating natural products & aids & thus, came across some of the most useful information that I hope you find beneficial too.

But I was also shocked to witness ideas that lactoferrin, is said, to combat forms of cancers & tumors!

I’m going to give you the lowdown on the supplement named ‘lactoferrin’ & give you a link to more insight into this protein that you should investigate if you wish to pursue the information more after reading this article.

I have not tested lactoferrin as of yet, so I hereby hold no claims for the effects of lactoferris if you so wish to use it yourself, so therefore, I disclaim any responsibilities that may occur from you reading this article information.

But shortly, after this article is published, I will be testing & updating my results to you.

Produced by the kidneys, (Abrink et al. 2000)^ Lactoferrin, can, also be supplemented by the protein ‘whey’ derived from milk, to aid in boosting your immune defense system & iron production metabolism helping to prevent viruses from entering cells thus stopping infection before it takes over.

Lactoferrin, (lactoferricin H-derived from human lactoferrin) considered a natural aspect, & the first line of defense towards the body’s immune system, fighting against growth & proliferation of bacteria, viruses & funguses, is already present in human blood in minor concentrations.

But for many of us, this vital protein can be depleted through life’s turmoil’s, so supplementing more of this protein (lactoferricin B-of bovine origin) (Bellamy et al., 1992)^ into your body, levels out deficiencies to aid health & recovery.

For women, levels of Lactoferrin constantly change with pregnancy, menopause & also menstrual cycles, whereas, iron within the body is becoming depleted (or pooled dangerously within areas of the bodily cells) without the mechanism to create any more of its own, but all said & done, Lactoferrin levels within the body change with both gender & age.

Herein I want to discus very briefly, iron deficiency, which maybe, one of the most common of nutritional deficiencies within our body in society today! Plus, the input of supplementing lactoferrin for immunity enhancement, & for correcting the issue of iron deficiency & anemia!

Lactoferrin binds with iron, already present inside your body, thus, depriving bad bacteria, which could proliferate into disease, by reducing the formation of those nasty, age inducing, free radicals within cells.

Effecting mainly women & children Iron is present in all cells throughout your body, but when your own natural lactoferrin takes a nose dive & depletes, iron’s ability to carry oxygen cannot be transported adequately from your lungs, which also, would have carried with it necessary electrons to fire the spark within cells, all whilst limiting enzyme reactions throughout your body, which thus, causes devastating effects on your immune system.

Free roaming iron within the body, cannot become arranged & distributed throughout the system correctly, thus creating iron toxicity, which can be highly dangerous, or even lethal.

Think of all the major benefits your body strives for when drinking dairy milk, now take away all the nasty effects of lactose, & milk intolerances, which many of the population can't digest adequately, & put the goodness back into your body in the form of 'lactoferrin.'

Please inspect, & understand more, about lactoferrin, from the links below before trying out this supplement for yourself.

Studies researched for Lactoferrin can be found here;

Further reading about the benefits of lactoferrin can be found here;'s_immune_system/9384/

The actual hands on testing of Lactoferrin Supplements:

I wanted to fully test this sample from a real users perspective of this product so I ordered a bottle on-line & presented the tablets to my lady friend, who is middle aged (51), suffering from iron deficiency, going through the menopause, mood swings & losing blood constantly on a period that never seems to stop. She started the course just after Christmas 2011 & if you would bare with me, I will finalize the results & write them here, as soon as she has finished the whole bottle.

Although, I tried to get these supplements within my local health food stores around my town in Cardiff City UK & did not succeed, but I managed to source them online at the best price I could muster & if you wish to order from the USA & Canada please check this out arrow Formulas Lactoferrin 250mg, 60 Capsules & if you order from the UK please check this out Jarrow Formulas Lactoferrin, 60 Caps, 250 Mg

I will keep you updated with the before & after effects & place my findings in the comment box below, so please add this article to your RSS feed if you want to know the outcome.

Thank you for reading, I would love your input both positive & negative & if you are a user, so why not share your experiences with others in the comment box below.

Regards Dale Ovenstone 2012


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