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Cosm Natural Health

Updated on May 23, 2016
Cosm Natural Health
Cosm Natural Health | Source

Our Ethos

Continuity of healing is a life choice for every person who is willing to make it, not just a privilege or treat for those with spare time, an expendable income or private health insurance.

Healing the collective self and healing land comes hand in hand. We need to bring the cycle of life back into its synergistic modality and take back responsibility.

The Authors

Hugh Hayward
Hugh has knowledge and experience over a wide range of conditions but he is a specialist in digestive issues and gut health, mental health and addiction rehabilitation. He uses a variation of different acupuncture techniques to match his holistic approach and can cater for the unique needs of the individual.
Growing up with part Chinese heritage, Hugh experienced first hand the lifestyle and dietary practices which are ingrained in the culture and it's medicine.
We think that this is vital to a speedy recovery. A solid foundation for a healthy lifestyle is the guts of any sustainable medicine.

Emily Whitelock
Having been drawn to Taoist philosophy in her early 20's, Emily graduated with a Bachelor of Chinese medicine at the Endeavour College of Natural Health and has immersed herself since. During pregnancy Emily discovered her love and interest in natural birth and education. Being an advocate for gentle birth and mothering, she has a keen interest in pregnancy support and post natal issues with a minimal intervention approach.


Focus | Source

Moxibustion and Acupuncture

Moxibustion and some electro-acupuncture help to alleviate inflammation at the site of this ankle injury.
Moxibustion and some electro-acupuncture help to alleviate inflammation at the site of this ankle injury. | Source
Male Fertility and Treatment with Acupuncture
Male Fertility and Treatment with Acupuncture | Source
Electro-Acupuncture helps to get blood flow and mediate the bodies healing response at this leg injury
Electro-Acupuncture helps to get blood flow and mediate the bodies healing response at this leg injury | Source


Cosm Kin is an initiative that we decided to nourish based on the concept of freedom of expression of ones pathology and perception of their own health. We want people to get involved with their healing journey and take responsibility.
This means being aware of their own subtle changes and being able to gauge what this might mean. You are the master of your own body so we want you to teach us how to help.

In our acupuncture and natural medicine clinic in Preston West Melbourne VIC, we find that our patients are just as much our teachers as we are their practitioner.
We learn so much from our patients each day which is why we have created CosmKin.
Please share your experiences and comments and spread the word so that others can learn and benefit from this knowledge.
A healthy human existence needs to be sustainable and classical, passed down from generation to generation, not just fleeting with each new fad or trend.

If you want to get in contact and learn more about how to contribute to this old new world, look us up at Cosm Natural Health


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