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Costco Hearing Aids Best Prices?

Updated on March 24, 2011

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Why People Buy Hearing Aids at Costco - Should You?

People who know about Costco tend to like the quality of the products and the prices of the products. Costco is not known for it’s selection. Costco Hearing Aids are not exception to this practices. Costco carries a limited selection of hearing aids, but are known to be of high quality. So why would you or should you purchase hearing aids at Costco.

How would you know to trust an independent hearing aid dispenser? You can’t know until you use them or get a referral from a trusted physician. Unfortunately the hearing aid business seems to be ripe with con artists and charlatans. It’s not uncommon for independent centers to mark up hearing aids $1,000’s of dollars. It’s a very lucrative business. And Yes Costco does make good margins on their hearing aids, but they are significantly cheaper than nearly any other place you’ll find. And Costco Guarantees your experience like no other company.

In my research – which was actually quite difficult – I found very few complaints about Costco hearing aids. When I did find a complaint it was usually from some competitor moaning because Costco's prices were so low they could make outragsous profits. Costco is careful about selecting vendors and offers one thing that consumers have come to expect – an iron clad guarantee. Its almost always easy to return products to Costco if you are not satisfied. I’ve personally witnessed a gentleman returning items without packaging that were worn out and over 3 years old. In my view he was clearly taking advantage of Costco but they still took the merchandise back. Unfortunately for these types of abusers the cost of products rises for all of us… but this is the exception not the rule. Most people are not going to take advantage of Costco’s return policy for their own greed, but do appreciate being “taken care of” when the need arises.

What to expect to Find when looking for Costco Hearing Aids

“We are also selling three of the top five manufacturer produced hearing aids and we use the most advanced hearing test technology,”

There are 567 Costco warehouses around the world, including 414 in 40 states in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, 77 in nine Canadian provinces, 32 locations in 18 Mexican states and 21 in the United Kingdom. Costco stores can also be found in Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Australia. Not every location has a hearing aid center. And Costco carries their own branded Kirkland Hearing Aids as well.

Customer Comments about Costco Hearing Aids

  • Been around this block before. I have had experience with hearing aids for the last 20 years. There is no company that can do what COSTCO does, period! The hearing health team at Costco is second to none. The service, price and products represent truly a great value.
  • The most significant aspect of all my dealings with hearing aid dispensers over the years is the quality of care. I have dealt with two Costco dispensers over the years and the quality of care is outstanding. The folks at Costco showed me something that other dispensers had not. They showed me they cared.
  • I worked in a university audiology clinic for a semester. There are several things your mom can do. First, be sure she is seeing someone accredited by the American Speech Hearing Association (ASHA; They should have the letters CCC-A after their name. There are a lot of people selling hearing aids who are not licensed audiologists, who just want to make money off of elderly people.
  • I have had four hearing aids in 10 years. I am about to buy my fifth, an open fit type. Its wonderful to be able to trial the unit at the clinic. I am a health care professional at a major University where I initially received service. I have used Costco for the last three units. The audiologist is superb. The selection is limited but the units are very high quality as validated by University audiologists and colleagues. The price is very competitive at $1299 for a single unit. This is very important to me as I am very active and more than one were destroyed by accident.

Costco Hearing Aids

Kirkland Brand Hearing Aids
Kirkland Brand Hearing Aids

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