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Could There be a Such Thing as Sensitivity Immunity?

Updated on November 25, 2008


I'm not sure if I'm talking about feeling as much as that hyper-sensitivity that some people seem to display about every little damn thing. I mean truthfully folks, how many of us truely have bleeding hearts for so many people, causes, or concerns? I have seen many people fane true caring about enough subjects, only to look into their eyes or a posting that contradicts everything with a glossed over haze. ****, can really someone carry such a weight upon their own shoulders as to worry about "this person, that ailment, or this strife" will full blown genuine authenticity or is it "just cause" posturing, what we used to call "posers"?

Take for instants company wise, I donate to a lot of charities...not really for the cause itself as much as the press, the photo ops, and I'm sure there are tax reasons. Or, maybe that whole 80's "we are the world, live aid, Jerry Lewis kinda stuff." Do we do all that because we really care, or is it more of a moment of absolution to purge one's soul? Or, is it for tax reasons. Maybe you here a friend of a friend is sick or having a rough time, do you pray for them only once or multiple times? Or, is it more of a show to make the friend just feel more comforted? I don't know either...I know that I am guilty as charged in all senses of said descriptions above.

Sometimes I find myself doing justifiable causes that are some where between "Hollywood Styled" pet caring causes...You know want I mean...I talk about them, raise concern about the issue in public forums...pretend to fully believe in said raised awareness, milk it for publicity....throw a little gloss over it...when I would rather be driving my gas guzzling...non bio-fuel...anti-hybrid sports car or maybe I should just admit I don't recycle, because I don't really have the patience to think about what bin my trash should go into. Then there is the "other side" which maybe summed up with the idea.

I can help others...if I can create the "vacuum of need" Kind of like this...Think about when you are at the grocery see a kid sitting where the big bags of dog food usually go under the bottom part of the shopping cart...You can hear him squawking about wanting this and that...none stop...and the store is friggin' noisy and you can hear him above all that noise and nonsense. Well, I thought I'd help the little tyke is what you do...When you walk passed the little KICK HIM...not hard, but just enough (keep practicing you'll eventually get it right)...I know this sounds awful, but just hear me out... Anyway you kick him when mommy is not looking...see he starts crying and mommy thinks that she ran over his fingers and buys him candy.

See everyone wins and is happy. Junior gets candy, Mommy goes about shopping peacefully, without the youngster acting up. The rest of the shoppers don't have to here the endless "mom, mom- I want this, I said no- rountine" You get to take out a bit of aggression, plus you did a good deed, by helping get the kid some candy...It's perfect for all concerned.

"The Weight" by The Band

A Helping Hand


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  • RGraf profile image

    Rebecca Graf 9 years ago from Wisconsin

    Another good piece.