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Christian Counseling for Emotional Healing

Updated on January 25, 2019
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I'm interested in social issues, relationships, problems of daily living, jobs, exercise, poems and fiction, plus safer living conditions.

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Live in Serenity

I came across an article on Christian counseling for emotional healing on Ezine, written by a Christian Counselor, Robert Hartzell, Director of Fountains of Life, which really impressed me. The article begins by stating that there is a place that you can live in daily serenity, which is being aware of your emotions as they happen.

The Path to Emotional Healing

I feel like I do fairly well at this time in my life, but I certainly didn’t when I was young (in my 20’s). I kept my feelings locked away much of the time and when something did emerge it was anger. As hurtful things happened or when I was a victim of verbal abuse, I withdrew further into myself, so I relate very much to the desire to walk in daily serenity.

I briefly tired secular counseling but it didn’t seem to help at that time. I did find an excellent Christian counseling, who had a counseling degree. It turned by life around. I find much comfort in my prayers, which help me cope with daily problems.

This article discusses how we should treat ourselves and others to live in peace. The author states that Prayer Ministry and Christian Life Coaching are powerful tools that can help us achieve these goals.

He further defines "Self-management is your ability to use awareness of your emotions to actively choose what you say and do." This awareness helps you set boundaries with others. It allows you to take care of yourself first; then, you have something to give back to others.

Living life with joy and serenity are worth a little time in counseling if you are unhappy or your problems are too big to handle alone. Counseling gives you a safe place to say anything and the assurance of anonymity, so family and friends won't know what you've said.

If Loves Not First

Companies Recognize the Importance of Relationships

Fortune 500 companies are paying $4000 to $6000 for a two day seminar utilizing Emotional Intelligence (EQ). These companies realize relationally adept people are key at every level. Businesses whether profit or non-profit, which don’t succeed is typically due to relationship breakdown



Christian Counseling

So, back to the Prayer Ministry and Christian Counseling, our emotions are part of the design of our character, but we are not always adept at recognizing a particular emotion.

The goal of quality Prayer Ministry is to allow the individual to come into the light, to know how we really feel about any given situation. Christian Coaching typically uses accountability as the way to deal with emotions, but many need a more comprehensive technique to actually more forward.

The author states, “God gave us our emotions as a barometer, which reveals our emotional weather”. As an example, I need to be able to acknowledge that someone made me angry before I can bring the anger to God and deal with it.

My take on this is, if I can’t acknowledge the anger then I can’t go to God, and I am walking around feeling angry, maybe depressed, and the other person may be totally unaware or not care in the first place. So, I am only hurting myself.

6 Signs You Think Too Much - Christian Counseling

How Prayer Ministry Works

As explained by Robert Hartzell, “I either have peace in a given relationship with others, myself and God, or I do not. I can either look at some painful event that occurred with total peace – or not.” The point is, if not then find out why.

Robert Hartzell is director of Fountains of Life providing Prayer Ministry and Christian Coaching. To learn more and find tools to help go to:

Prayer ministry is very simple. They no longer try to fix people or figure out their problems, but they seek to move people into God’s design because people really do know what they are feeling when they receive this support and encouragement. People that have lived in the victim mode for years can find peace at last.

They are successful working with people who have overcome the worst cases of abuse and they re-connect with God. The article is excellent and worth reading. The article gives more details, but I know of people who have lived with abuse and don’t know how to overcome it, sometimes even with years of conventional therapy.

That’s why this article impressed me so much.


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