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Counter Hair Loss

Updated on September 16, 2010

Contraceptive Pills

Counter Hair Loss with Contraceptive Pills

Did you ever know that contraceptive pills could counter hair loss?

I never knew about this idea until last month.

When I was younger, I really aspired to grow facial hairs to impersonate or imitate the looks of my male movie stars/idols but due to my asian race I could hardly grow a few. I did several ways just to satisfy myself, I tried shaving everyday for several years and I also tried using several topical hair growing creams but instead I grew pimples.

Last month when a friend of mine asked me how contraceptive pills make its magic to hinder pregnancy, I promised him that I will help him search for an answer. That day, I searched the medicinal contents of a birth control pill and I found out that it contains estrogen, progesterone and follic acid.

When I further my research, I found out that estrogen and progesterone are sex hormones that stimulates the development and growth of body cells. Progesterone in particular could stimulates hair follicles that could promote hair growth.

My research for the effect of the contraceptive pills on pregnancy was diverted to the search on how to grow hair.

Later, I opted to purchase a box of contraceptive pills and powderized the pills that contains estrogen and progesterone. I dissolved the powder in a cup containing a small amount of olive oil. I started applying the oil to my face that day until today. By the way, for your information, I likewise learned that olive oil has a hair growth feature.

After a month, I observed that little hairs are now sprouting on the specific areas of my face where IĀ applied the oil. Hairs are thin but numerous and I am now getting excited because I finally have these facial hairs.

The result of these pills is effective for me in growing facial hairs, thus, I am sure that these method will also be effective to those who suffers hair loss.


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    • profile image

      rouze 6 years ago

      Hey I heard that thing from my classmate that contraceptive pills could make hair grow faster and thicker.He told me before that his mother and their maid pulverized pills and put it in their shampoo during the time they took a bath.The effect of that thing took a month. Tiny hair sprout in their scalp. I also tried it for 4 days with 5 pills being pulverized then on the 5th day my hair becomes smooth and bouncy unlike my hair before I used it :)