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Counting the B L T's of food - OH MY

Updated on January 20, 2015

Counting it all first

You might be surprised on how much you really eat in a day. Calorie wise. What I decided to do - as I eased into a healthy eating plan, was to count up what I eat in a day at the end of the day. Well let me tell you - even though I thought I was eating light and healthy I was packing in anywhere from 4000 to 5600 calories a day.

One morning I made myself an egg, bacon & cheese sandwich that came in at over 500 calories.

This past weekend was a weekend from hell, but I kept on counting the calories and actually under-ate because of all the craziness. First the Signification Other ended up in the hospital with appendicitis and my mother falls on the ice. Finally yesterday on the way home I gave into fast food with a drive through Burger King. I got the new A1 Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger - I knew it was going to high - but what I didn't expect were that a large onion ring would be so high.

The Burger came in at 850 calories 51 grams of fat - the onion rings came in at 500 calories 21 grams of fat. Now believe it or not I only went over my calories yesterday by 285 calories - that's because I had a spinach feta omelette I made at home for brunch and was running everyone to the doctor and hospital and didn't have any time to eat anything else.

So I suggest, that even before you start whatever plan you want - journal - write it down or use an app but find out what you really eat in a day.

What not to eat

I say don't eat this - but it was delicious - sometimes you gotta splurge
I say don't eat this - but it was delicious - sometimes you gotta splurge | Source

The Best Apps

If you have a computer, smart phone or tablet or android there are an endless number of apps that are free that you can use to count calories.

My favorite is Fat Secret - find it at - I have app loaded on my phone and android and they are all synced together so when I add it on one - it is on the other. I love this app because it has know all the foods I have entered so far with the exception of the burger I ate last night. I give it 5 stars!

Another App I used and found user friendly - was Lose it!

Noom Coach I just recently put on my Android has a lot of bonus features. Noom Coach isn't just for logging food. Also track your exercise and weight in Noom to see an integrated picture of your healthy lifestyle.

A great online free site which I have belong to for years is Spark People - find it at The site has recipes, fitness, water and calorie trackers. You can join groups and learn a lot from this site.

So how am I doing?

Counting the calories on Fat Secret has been helping not to eat quite as much and to plan ahead. Of course this weekend was one of those weekends that life throws in once in a while which meant I had to go to plan "B" a lot of times.

Be prepared - be well stocked in healthy foods. Have healthy bars or nuts that you can grab and take with you. Eating at the hospital was also good - all their snacks were mega healthy - I had grabbed some Special K Cracker Chips to hold me over - at 90 calories they weren't bad - but maybe not as healthy as I would like to eat. But sometime - you just gotta do - what a girls gotta do.

I have lot 2 more pounds for a total 4 pounds so far.

Down 2 more


So What are B L T's you ask?



TASTE - they count.

And I have bad news for you - calories consumed while standing - count. Calories consumed on holidays - count. Calories consumed in the dark - count. Every bite, lick and taste count. So count those blt's before they get away from you. One taste of the spoon of chocolate icing can lead to eating half the bowl - I know that - I have done it. Be careful. Be MINDFUL of what you put into your mouth.

Do you Count those B L T's ?

Are you mindful of the little bites, licks and tastes that you take?

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