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Couples Massage-Twice As Nice

Updated on January 27, 2011

What Is Couples Massage?

Couples massage is not the same as a sensual massage between a romantically involved couple. It is a massage given by a professional massage therapist to two people in the one room at the same time. Typically this can be two people receiving a massage simultaneously by two separate practitioners, or it can be two people receiving a massage from the same practitioner, whilst in the same room, one after the other, or taking turns between each person. This increasingly popular spa treatment, is a pleasant and therapeutic experience and a wonderful way to relax and unwind, that you can enjoy with your partner, friends, family members and loved ones.

▪ Two people massaged at same time in one room by different practitioners
▪ Two people massaged by one therapist intermittently or one after the other

Where Can I Enjoy this?

With increasing popularity and demand for couples massage, many massage practitioners now offer it as part of their treatment plans. If you are interested in receiving a couples massage, you may do so at a spa which offers this as one of their packages, or you may find a practitioner willing to offer this in the comfort of your own home, tailored to your own specific requests. Many holistic therapy clinics may also have the facilities to provide this therapy and it is worth enquiring with any professional, licensed therapist.

Why Choose Couples Massage?

There are many reasons people choose to have a couples treatment, whether it is to enjoy a pleasant experience with a friend or loved one, on a special occasion or as a treat, to save time or to introduce a friend to the benefits and relaxation of massage for the first time.  Some partners may feel nervous about the intimacy of being undressed during a massage and prefer their loved one present with them.  It may be relaxing to some people to have a friend or partner present, if for instance they are nervous about being massaged by a stranger.  Whatever the reason, couples massage is a fun and enjoyable experience for all involved.

    ▪    Comfort of partner/friend in room
    ▪    Sociable treat for special occasion
    ▪    Save time on multiple massages
    ▪    Introduce someone to massage for first time
    ▪    Reassure girlfriend/ boyfriend

What Happens During A Couples Massage?

The massage techniques used will depend on the preference and needs of the client. It may involve head and face massage or a full body, or foot massage, and is entirely down to your specified choices. The therapist/s may ask if you wish to be facing your massage partner, or you may choose not to be. This is a flexible massage experience and you and your friend or loved one can create the ambience and treatment that you wish. It is still important that you let your therapist know if you require a different pressure or if anything is uncomfortable for you. If one person is being massaged at a time, the practitioner will make sure the other is covered and warm until it is their turn.

Sensual Massage

In certain spas offering couples massage to partners, they may offer massage technique of a more sensual nature, aimed at stimulating a deeply romantic or even erotic environment.  It is worth clarifying with the therapist exactly what their idea of couples massage is and making sure it is comfortable for all parties before you book.  This will avoid embarrassment for everyone. 


The downsides of having a couples massage may be that you feel more apprehensive or nervous with a friend or partner in the room. It may be that your choice of partner is talkative and you wish to relax, or perhaps being undressed in front of someone you wouldn't normally be is intimidating for you. While your decency is preserved at all times, this is something you may wish to consider and is entirely down to your personal taste. Perhaps there are personal issues or medical problems you do not wish to disclose to your massage partner. While all information is confidential, it is worth thinking about whether your choice of partner to be massaged with is the right one for you.


The cost of a couples massage may be slightly more than a single massage treatment as it may involve additional charges of larger room, or because it requires booking two therapists at the same time, or two massage tables.  Always check in advance what your couples massage treatment will cost.


Couples massage can be a fun and relaxing way to spend time with your friend or partner.  It is more than likely to be a highly enjoyable experience, however, some forward planning can avoid embarrassment or awkwardness, so discuss in advance how you would like to share your treatments.  Are you right for each other? Do you like the same kind of ambience? Is the therapist offering the right kind of treatment for you both? If all of this is agreed then lie back and enjoy each other's company!


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