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Covid-19 Provokes Overreaction

Updated on May 5, 2020

We Are Impatient

Modern societies, regardless of their location, are an impatient lot. Especially, in this age of instant communications across the globe and where air travel takes one from one part of the globe to another within 10 hours time.

China was locked down in part for nearly three months. Much of Europe and the USA for over a month and more, more or less, depending on the severity of the infection and its rate of death. At first, nations hesitated about how dangerous this virus was, and some still are, like Brazil, that has refused any of the CDC guidelines much of the world follows. They are paying a dear price with over 109,000 cases and over 7,000 deaths. Its president, a Trump-like man named Bolsonaro, openly defies its danger and calls it a bad flu. Ironically, Sweden, took a totally different approach to the pandemic and did not follow the guidelines very much and has only 23,000 cases and 2800 deaths. Makes one wonder why? Some indicate it is the "herd immunity", where much of the population has been exposed to it.

But on any given day, wherever you live, you see humans being too impatient with their curtailed freedoms due to the virus, or, just are overly cautious due to ignorance or fear. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Do you wear or nor wear a mask? It depends. if your out biking or hiking, or any type of solo activity where there are no crowds and only occasional people met, no need to.

Look, the virus spreads human to human. The safe distance from another person is 6 ft. or more. It does not linger in the air for long with outdoor activities due to atmospheric conditions (an enclosed room or eatery is different). Unless a person infected with the virus is coughing, sneezing, working out with heavy exhaling, risk is low if you are not interacting with them and keeping distance. Even if you cannot keep the distance recommended but quickly move pass, unless that person is showing signs, risk is low. So, don't overreact to another person you happen to meet when walking, running, biking, kayaking, playing solo tennis. If they are wearing a mask and you are not, your protected, as the virus will be contained should they cough etc. Of course, play it safe with distance, if you can.

Beaches and other facilities closed because of the crowds they attract and because since few know if they are infected or not due to a lack of testing, it was a way to control potential exposure. But many places are giving into the impatience of months of restrictions, not to mention the economy. The opening of beaches and other public parks for recreation is only bad if those that go to them are not keeping social distancing. The problem with beaches is that if you go with a family of 4 or more, do you toss out social distancing? Probably. But, at least stay at least 6 ft. away from the other group.

  • Do you wear gloves? Disinfecting your hands every 30 minutes or after something you touched is proving to be too hard for humans. Even at work, depending on what it is, it is hard to sustain. While gloves do work for your hands, if you touch your face with the virus on them, you probably will get it via your nose. Wearing gloves at home is no better. Since the virus is NOT just "in the air" for long and only if a confirmed person was in that room or space that coughed etc.,it seems pointless. Likewise, people that keep all their windows closed are ignorant. The virus is not all over the place just lurking in the air you breath. It only spreads person to person. While the virus can survive on surfaces for a short time and dies quickly in sunlight (but lingers in shaded areas) wearing gloves in most situations is overkill. Of course, if someone is coughing etc.just presume they have it and wipe down the surrounding areas within 6 ft. wear it occurred. Businesses are a totally different situation for this.

Go outside and get some exercise. Find activities that require no more than two people. Avoid large gatherings and keep a protective shell from you of at least six feet when in stores or gatherings. Use your common sense.


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