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Steps to eliminate cracks at the corner of your mouth or Angular Cheilitis

Updated on January 27, 2010

Angular Cheilitis Causes

Cracks at corner of mouth or what is medically called Angular Cheilitis is painful, irritating, unsightly, and frequently persistent health condition suffered by millions worldwide. Also known as Angular Chelitis, Stomitis, or Perleche; Cracks at Corner Of Mouth, while not life threatening, can sure be a major blight on the sufferer's life.

Cracks at corner of mouth can be caused by a multitude of health issues such as yeast infections, vitamin deficiencies, iron deficiency, allergic reactions to substances, toothpaste, poor dental fittings and dentures. Angular Cheilits is really an infection caused by a fungus that inhabits flesh and is most prevalent during colder time periods. A lot of people fight the bothersome, agonizing condition all year.

These appear on the corners of the mouth as either cracks, or red crusty sores. Their appearance often resembles an infected paper cut. The splits on and around your mouth make it hard to enjoy the simple pleasures in life such as smiling, laughing, and sometimes eating.

The ugly red symptoms are especially damaging to one's social life. Have you had the misfortune of kissing someone with obvious cracks at the corner of the mouth? Not a very pleasant activity for sure, is it?

Cracked Mouth Corners Changes Personality

A personality change occurs because of the ridicule that accompanies angular chelitis. It is a sad by product of having this loathsome appearing facial skin condition over any length of time.  If you have the crusty mouth corner cracks for a few days, that's one thing, but to go around at school or at work with the unsightly condition on your lips and face for weeks or months on end is a very different matter.

School chums, friends, co-workers, and even some members of your family begin to assume negative things about you that are just not true.  They sometimes think that you're not as clean as you should be, or that you drool while sleeping, or that you're picking at your cracked mouth corners preventing them from healing.  These are the less damaging things they could think.

Some of the more embarrassing and hurtful things that they could think and talk about are that you have herpes simplex or even Aids.  If they assume that your mouth corner cracks are related in anyway to these two serious diseases, they will avoid you at all costs.

Young children and teens have the most difficult time with this shunning, which is often accompanied by cruel name calling and hostile jeers.  Even if the ridicule doesn't reach this acute stage, the victims of Angular Cheilitis find themselves dropped from almost all social activities.

After enduring this type of demeaning humiliation for a few weeks, those afflicted with cracked mouth corners become withdrawn, quite, loners, wanting nothing to do with anyone.  Parents of children afflicted with Angular Cheilitis are shocked and worried about the enormous changes they see in their off spring.

Carcked Corner Of Mouth

Angular Cheilitis
Angular Cheilitis

How To Eliminate Cracked Mouth Corners

Angular Cheilitis suffereres generally try all sorts of things to get rid of their Angular Cheilitis mouth corner cracks. At first, before they realize how persistent the affliction really is, they attempt to just wait the infection out.

They hope, like most ailments, that their mouth corner lesions will just go away without resorting to any treatment.

Abreva, Neosporin, or Zim’s Crack Cream are often purchased next, in another futile attempt to get rid of their repulsive mouth corner sores. These products do work on certain conditions, but they do nothing to eliminate the symptoms of Angular Cheilitis.

Then, they begin to think that the troublesome affliction is more than just a nuisance and the get serious about getting rid of their painful and embarrassing crusty sores at the corners of their mouths.

As a last resort, they see their MD, who usually gives them a script for some 1% hydro cortisone cream. This too, is usually a waste of time and energy. Some poor Angular Cheilitis sufferers have been through several tubes of this useless stuff.

At this point, the unfortunate victims of long-term Angular Cheiltits begin to get frantic, thinking that nothing will be eliminate their cracked mouth corner condition.

That's how I felt after enduring my nasty and painful mouth corner sores in excess of three years.

Finally, I turned to alternative medicine sources, and while surfing the Internet, I found the remarkable at-home cure that actually worked to cure my horrible looking angular cheilitis.  It was the ngular cheilitis treatment that I found on the web which eliminated my cracked corners of the mouth.

The at-home remedy not only worked quickly (within a few hours), but within two days all my repulsive angular cheilitis symptoms were gone, completely gone.  The swelling and redness disappeared and the cracks dried up and closed up.  I was cured.

Now, I would like you to download this very same Angular Cheilitis Treatment for yourself.  It not only worked for me, but it has worked for many, many more like me.  Your painful and embarrassing angular cheilitis splits can be gone by tomorrow morning.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I had this for 6 month, tried all the creams, tested for iron defficiency etc. It gets so sore that the mouth cracks. Finally after extensive research found the cure (we're talking 24-48 hours). It's excessive yeast in the body (Candida), go for an immediate sugar and yeast free diet, that includes fizzy drinks, bread, chocolate etc). You feel pretty rough for the 1st day, so drink plenty of water. After 24 hours its completely cleared. Obviously consult your doctor first, to ensure that its safe to do so.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I was told by my accupuncturist to eat half of a cooked sweet potatoe (yams and Chinese/Japanese yams are the best) twoice a day. It's too hard to explaine the science behind it, but I will be trying this soon. I am tired of the crusty crap!!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I've been struggling with this for i think 6 months now... i had no idea what it was and it kept coming back. I have braces so i didn't know if that had anything to do with it. They last for weeks. & when it was gone a couple weeks later it came back. It hurts so bad! i've tried abreva & many other cold sore treatments, but it's different from a cold sore.. I also put peroxide on it... i hope to find a cure


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