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Cream for Piles: Piles and Hemorrhoid Remedy

Updated on June 29, 2013
Example of External Piles
Example of External Piles

What Are Piles?

Piles are hemorrhoids around the anal cavity that has become inflamed. The cause for piles range from anal intercourse, chronic diarrhea, or using heavyweights on a regular basis. Obesity also contributions to piles because the weight can cause pressure around the anal area. Half of the U.S population has suffered from piles at one point or other. It has been reported that a total of 5% of the adult population are currently suffering from piles. So don't be embarrassed - cream for piles are easily available over-the-counter at your local drug store.

What Are Piles/Hemorrhoids

Over-the-counter Cream For Piles

Equate Maximum Strength Pain Relief Hemorrhoid Cream

Equate maximum strength pain relief hemorrhoid cream is formulated with phenylephrine .25%. This medicine narrows the blood vessels on the piles, effectively reducing swelling and itching. Many users have great success with this medication.

Preparation H Cream Maximum Strength

This over-the-counter cream for piles is formulated with aloe era. Aloe vera is extremely moisturizing and will naturally reduce the swelling of the piles.

Tronolane Anesthetic Hemorrhoid Cream

This cream for piles is formulated with pramoxine hydrochloride. This medication stabilizes your immune system and help remove the inflammation process. With consistent use this medication can help remove hemorrhoid.

How To Use Cream for Piles

1. Take a shower, making sure to gently wash the hemorrhoid.

2. Wash your hands with an antibacterial soap. Pat dry the piles. You can also take this chance to apply witch hazel with a cotton ball. Witch hazel is known to reduce inflammation and it is a very homeopathic way of alleviating piles irritation.

3. Apply the cream for piles 2 to 3 times a day. Apply the cream in the morning, after a stool movement, and before bed. It is important to use a cream for piles consistently for maximum effectiveness.

Remedy for Piles: Three-Pronged Attack for Piles

Chronic diarrhea is connected with the formation of piles. Increasing water intake will create easier bawls movements. It is recommended to drink eight glasses of 8 ounces of water. Fiber can also improve bowel movement as well. Include fiber rich foods in your diet to remove the stress on the piles when creating a stool. Painkillers with acetaminophen - like Tylenol - can temporarily help with discomfort.


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