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Create Change and Never Give Up

Updated on February 2, 2016
This is me at the gym which is affectionately known as my office.
This is me at the gym which is affectionately known as my office.

I believe there comes a time in everyone’s life when they need to take a step back and reflect on their past failures and accomplishments. We start to evaluate what is most important to us. Perhaps, reevaluate the current path we are on.

I was at that particular cross road a little over three years ago when I decide to make a change in my life. I woke up one day and took a good long hard look in the mirror and asked myself “Am I truly happy with who I have become?” I was brutally honest with myself when I answered that question. At my age people call it a midlife crises, but I called it “project emergency over-hall.” You see, I was not happy with how I was living my life at that time.

I was living life on auto-pilot with blinders on. As if, I was living life numb to progression. Working day to day to make sure I had the money to pay my bills. Not really living, just existing. All of a sudden I wanted more out of life and did not know where to start or what to do first. That day I realized something had to change, I had to change. As I looked into the mirror I realize how over weight I have become. I figured people are getting in shape every day, I could start with my appearance.

The next day I decide to join the neighborhood fitness center. Luckily for me, it was only six blocks from my house at the time. The day of joining I spoke to one of the sales persons and personal trainer. They gave me the red carpet tour pulling out all the stops. Showing the variety of machines which can isolate muscle groups, including a dedication room for the elliptical machine where one can watch movies while working out.

The atmosphere was intense with people serious about getting into shape I thought to myself.

I saw a variety of people there, skinny, obese, and some who had muscle groups protruding that I didn’t know existed. Nevertheless, I remember feeling a sense of relief, happiness while I was there. Although, at that point I have not done anything but take a tour and joined. I was excited for the action I have taken by joining. Let me digress a moment if I may.

My wife and daughter have tried in the pass to get me to participate with them by paying for memberships that I have only used for a total of what must have been four days never to return until that critical mirror moment. I said that to make a point I didn’t want you the reader to miss.

You will only create a change in your life when you are truly ready. Once you have made a committed calculated decision to do something, it is as good as achieved. The day after my red carpet treatment. It was my first day of a new beginning. I arrived at the gym six o’clock in the morning with childlike anticipation and couldn’t believe I was one of the first to sign in and had free range to choose from any machine I wanted.

There I was, looking at all the machines to choose from like a little kid in a shop filled with their favorite candy with such a variety it’s almost impossible to choose which to taste first. I finally decided it was going to be the treadmill that will break the bands of silence of the dormant muscle groups that lay silently and patiently to be stirred to life. So you could have a time line, again it was six o’clock when I arrived at the gym. It only took two minutes to change into my gym apparel.

I could not wait to get to the treadmill. I could remember it like it was yesterday. I was standing in the moment of truth, at threshold of change. I started the machine with a little apprehension because I have never been on a treadmill before and did not know what to expect. I started with a pace of one point eight, I believe to be the lowest setting. I was thirty seconds into my walk and when I realize I can take that party a couple of notches up and venture to two point seven. I was on my way and could not believe it, I was really doing this. I was starting to make a change.

No more excuses, no more talking about it, and no more visions of me being at the gym.

This was it!!!! Once I was done, I gathered my things from the locker and headed to my car. The trainer at the front desk said “did you forget something?” I answer the trainer and said “that was all I had. I will see you tomorrow.” The time was four minutes after six. We both laughed and I did return the following day and thereafter. It does not matter where you start it matter where and how you finish. If change is what you are looking for, ask yourself this question; “Why?”

Why does it matter to you to make the change you seek? Once you answer that question with the reason why. Ask “why” again.

The purpose is to get to the root reason for the change you want to make. Your core reason will be the catalyst that will lift you up by the boot straps when you feel like you cannot go any further and you start questioning yourself as your limiting beliefs try to delude your resolve to move forward. Your why will be your cornerstone, your rock, your high-tower, your light out of the dark, your day from the night, it will provide you with the strength you will desperately need to pull you out of despair and into victory.

My treadmill stats for now. This is a big difference from when I first started.  My first day I lasted two minutes and burned four calories.
My treadmill stats for now. This is a big difference from when I first started. My first day I lasted two minutes and burned four calories.

© 2016 dave443


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