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Create Your Own Energy Drinks with HIJINKS

Updated on July 4, 2010

Do you like the idea of consuming energy drinks, but aren't crazy about the selections that are currently available? If so, you'll be happy to learn about HIJINKS: The Energy Mixer.

This unique energy product allows you to turn any beverage that you like into an energy drink quickly and easily, without changing the taste or adding a significant number of calories. What could be better than that?

About HIJINKS: The Energy Mixer

HIJINKS: The Energy Mixer is an energy liquid that can be added to all types of beverages. It's not flavored, so it won't alter the taste of your favorite drinks. Whether you like to drink water, iced tea, fruit juice, soda, smoothies, sports drinks, or any other types of beverages, you can now enjoy your favorite forms of liquid refreshment as an energy drink.

HIJINKS: The Energy Mixer allows you to quickly convert whatever drink you prefer into an energy beverage. All you need to do is stir in the flavorless liquid to your favorite drink. The taste won't change at all, but you'll enjoy the same energy boosting benefits associated with pre-made energy beverages.

This unique energy mixer was designed by John Thomas, M.D., a physician, who is the Founder and President of HIJINKS. He says, “Energy drinks and energy shots are very popular products. We wanted to offer another type of the energy product that is similar to both yet very different. We have had great feedback and it is proving to be popular already.”

HIJINKS Ingredients

Each serving of HIJINKS: The Energy Mixer features an energy boosting blend of ingredients that includes taurine, caffeine, inositol, glucuronolactone, and L-carnitine. The ingredients are designed to provide the enhanced vigor and pep that one expects from an energy drink.

No artificial flavoring or coloring agents are added to HIJINKS. Each 1.1 ounce serving of HIJINKS: The Energy Mixer will add 200 milligrams of caffeine and 10 calories to your beverage.

Where to Find HIJINKS: The Energy Mixer

You can find HIJINKS: The Energy Mixer in a wide variety of retail outlets. It is sold in exercise oriented facilities like health clubs, tennis clubs, and fitness stores. It is also available in many specialty and natural food stores.

Other places where the product can be found include numerous restaurants, bars, and liquor stores. You can also order online from the website.

The retail price for single servings of HIJINKS: The Energy Mixer is $2.99, with for-bottle sets available for $9.99.


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