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Create a Slender You With Weight Loss

Updated on January 29, 2016

Are You Set Up For Success?

You can't predict everything in life. Yet, you can set yourself up to have a kind of future you would desire. If you want a future where you are more slender and in shape it is totally possible. You can create a more slender body starting today.

Reject the Past and Lose Weight.

The past is over and yet we live with it on and on. So often we are tortured by past decisions not realizing that in this moment it really doesn't matter. This is the moment of creation for the future. If you want to create a future that includes a more slender physique then you can. Anything is possible if you dream it. You can create the kind of future you want. Perhaps the past was really painful for you. Well, you can overcome it with the right kind of thoughts for the future.

Resolve to Create a Different Future.

You can make a totally different future than what you are living right now. At this very moment you can resolve to be a fit, healthy person in the future. Of course, it does take some time and commitment to get there. You must keep yourself focused. Also, it is important to have patience. You know quite well that healthy weight loss takes time and happens gently and gradually over time.

Mark Out Ten Weight Loss Milestones on the Way.

Select ten progressive milestones on the way to your total weight loss goal. Perhaps it would be when you lose a pant size. You could use your first five pounds lost as a milestone. Try to reach each milestone one by one in a patient and determined fashion. These milestones will keep you going, particularly when you look back at them and see that you have passed some of them. This helps counter any feelings of hopelessness or hard days.

As You Reach Each Milestone Celebrate!

Small goals are worthy of celebration. Do not downplay the achievement of small goals. Many times people think reaching a small goal is no big deal. Yet reaching a small goal is precisely the way to reach a large goal over time. Focus on the small goals and the large ones will take care of themselves.

Pay no attention to the past. Decide that your future will be different. Create ten milestones that can serve as sub-goals. As each sub-goal is achieved, be proud of yourself and your weight loss success.


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