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Create an Affordable Colon Cleanse

Updated on March 23, 2013

A Colon Cleanse Product Shouldn’t Empty Your Wallet

The natural, effective ingredients found in the pricey colon cleanse products on the market today are readily available from your local health food store for a fraction of the cost and in a more effective form!

Gentle Herbal Teas May Help

Title: Hot Tea   License: sxu license  Photographer: _marta_ :
Title: Hot Tea License: sxu license Photographer: _marta_ :

Join A Club for $40 a Month!?!

I have been amazed at all the ads and articles and whatnot online and on television these days about various outrageously priced colon cleanse products. The fact that they are charging, and apparently people are paying, $40 a month or so to get these specialized colon cleanse products delivered to their homes is absolutely astonishing to me. Even more so when you consider that the way these products are generally put together causes them to be ineffective.

Psyllium Hulls Comprise the Main Ingredient

Most of the products I have read about consist mainly of psyllium hulls. That’s great. Psyllium hulls are good roughage. You can buy a big canister of them for $9 or $10 at any good health food store. Although the canister only weighs 24 ounces, it is quite large because psyllium hulls are very light. The recommended dosage is 1-2 tablespoons in a 12 ounce glass of water or juice once a day. There are approximately 68 doses per canister. So this is a little over two months supply for a fraction of the cost of the colon cleansers that are currently being advertised.

The "Proprietary Blend" of Herbs Literally Goes to Waste

Of course, all these wonderful colon cleanse products claim that they are better than plain psyllium hulls because they contain a “proprietary blend” of herbs. Well, all the herbs are great for you, but there’s a catch. Anything you take with psyllium hulls is going to be absorbed by the psyllium hulls and pass through your system without affecting you at all. So all the extra money you are paying for the “propriety blend” of herbs is basically going “down the tubes”.

The Simple Solution

To get the same results that you would get from the fanciest colon cleanse products on the market, here is what you should do. Get yourself a big canister of psyllium hulls from your local health food store. Follow the directions on the canister for one week or until you achieve the desired results. This will mean drinking a 12 ounce glass of water or juice with 1 or 2 tablespoons of psyllium hulls mixed in either first thing in the morning or last thing before you go to bed at night. Remember, if you are taking any medications, don’t take them within an hour of taking the psyllium hulls, or they will be absorbed by the psyllium hulls and will not be effective.

Add Herbal Help at Bedtime If Needed

If the psyllium hulls alone don’t work for you, add Senna. This is a natural herb that is readily available in any health food store or even from WalMart for about $4 for 100 tablets. It will be called Senna or sennosides - 8.6 mg per tablet. It is gentle and effective. The dosage is 2- 4 tablets once or twice daily. Begin taking it at bedtime. Take the smallest dosage to start with and increase as needed. Continue taking your psyllium hulls.  Be sure to take them at least an hour before or after the laxative. It is usually good to take the psyllium hulls in the morning and the laxative at night.

Choose A Daily or Weekly Program

Once you have achieved a cleanse, you can continue the psyllium hulls daily if you wish. The senna is also safe to take daily. If you don’t want to do that or don’t need to, you can do a once a week cleanse. If you choose to cleanse weekly, you may also want to use Ducosate Sodium. This is an inexpensive stool softener that is quite gentle and effective.

Listen to Your Body

It is important not to take all of these things right from the start because the psyllium hulls alone may be all you need! If you need to add to the equation, do so carefully. Follow the instructions on the packaging and your own instincts to create a plan that will clean out your system without cleaning out your bank account!

Copyright: SuzanneBennett: May 14, 2009


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  • justmesuzanne profile image

    justmesuzanne 2 years ago from Texas

    Thanks! Actually, I wrote this quite a while ago. I think the craze for "subscription" colon cleanse has died down now. At the time, I got several writing assignments to rewrite promotional information for these types of products. It inspired me to write a counter opinion! :D

  • Peggy W profile image

    Peggy Woods 2 years ago from Houston, Texas

    Common sense rules especially when it comes to things like this. People who are bedridden for one reason or another may have some occasional problems. Good to know that there are more natural means that cost no where near $40 a month. That is crazy! Now I understand why you wrote this.

  • justmesuzanne profile image

    justmesuzanne 4 years ago from Texas

    Right! Common sense works very well. I wrote this several years ago when "colon cleanse" was one of the big online gimmicks going. I had orders from clients for lots of articles about special, proprietary blends of this and that. All of these places wanted you to subscribe and pay something like $40 a month for regular shipments of this stuff, which was nothing more than psyllium hulls with a few herbs thrown in. That's why I decided to write my own article! :D

  • Peggy W profile image

    Peggy Woods 4 years ago from Houston, Texas

    Great tips! If one eats plenty of fruits and veggies and whole grains and drinks enough water and gets some should not have any problem with elimination. For the occasional slow ups in that department, Metamucil works well for me and it contains the psyllium. Up, useful and tweeting.

  • justmesuzanne profile image

    justmesuzanne 8 years ago from Texas

    Thanks for the great comments, ladies! I appreciate it! I just hate it when some simple thing suddenly gets commercialized and people get brainwashed into thinking they have to spend a fortune for something that is really quite simple and inexpensive!

  • BkCreative profile image

    BkCreative 8 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

    Yes, the gentle herbal teas work - with senna in it. We have to remember not to pay for marketing.

    By the way, right downtown in Brooklyn stands The Ex-Lax building. Remember ex-lax? What fond memories from childhood!

    Thanks for all the info.

  • Jewels profile image

    Jewels 8 years ago from Australia

    Thanks for the inside information. I'll be visiting my health food shop soon.

  • Mighty Mom profile image

    Susan Reid 8 years ago from Where Left is Right, CA

    I have been bombarded with colon cleanse offers in my inbox. Recently I've spent a few sleepless nights on the couch, also. In the middle of the night there are about 3 colon cleanse infomercials for every normal program. They're everywhere!

    I don't know what a real "colon cleanse" is supposed to feel like. But having read your excellent article, I now am much more willing to give it a try -- using your tips and saving myself from overspending.

    Good one! Thumbs up!! MM