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Creating Four-Star Healthy Juice Smoothies

Updated on August 25, 2013

Making smoothies or juice drinks has been around for sometime.Throwing in some fruit and greens into the blender creates a healthy drink good for your body. But creating a juice smoothie is decent blender than turns veggies and fruits into liquid and separates the pulp. They usually run from $60-100+.

Creating a smoothie is art. You can try a variety of items to adapt to your personal tastes. There is no right or wrong if the drink you create is one you like! However, that said, try some fo the following the next time you experiment with your drink:

  • Watermelon mixes well with nearly anything you add
  • Yams are sweet potatoes that you can mash to create a thick, sweet juice. Add some tart items also
  • Zucchini is another great veggie to add to a smoothie that is very mild and good for you
  • Tomatoes are also great veggies to add to any smoothie
  • Oranges are a favorite, as are bananas to add health and flavor to the drink
  • Mint with watermelon is incredibly good in a smoothie
  • Peppers might not sound like a good thing to add to a juice drink, but it actually works well depending on your own tastes, especially sweet peppers
  • Fennel, nature's natural licorice, is delightful to smell and taste. Use a little, though.
  • Lemons are my favorites to add to almost any juice smoothie drink. It adds a lot of taste to any drink
  • Ginger can be taste popping when used in small amounts. Make sure you peel it before putting it in the blender
  • Beets are good with fennel and oranges and very good for you
  • Apples are another standard to any juice for some tartness
  • For a nice green drink, use one apple, ginger, 10 pieces of kale and three stalks of celery. Add your favorite juice to help the smoothie.
  • For a spice smoothie, use cilantro, jalapeno, two oranges, pineapple, a cucumber. Add your favorite drink liquid.
  • For a healthy drink, use one red beet, fennel, a blood orange, a lemon.

The bottom line is experiment with your drinks, adding whatever you like and enjoying!


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