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Creating Mental Space

Updated on July 19, 2009

Allow Meditation to Center You

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Channeling Your Inner Peace

In today's fast paced world, finding time for oneself proves to be a challenge. Yet, harnessing that time enables each one of us greater ability to be productive, resourceful and inventive. Without time to recharge within, it's much more difficult to contemplate everyday complexities meaningfully. It becomes harder and harder to listen to our own muse. Without that direction, our goals can become improperly aligned. Let's consider some age-old wisdom some of the oldest cultures in the world still practice.

Meditation is by far under-utilized, and yet, is perhaps more needed than ever. Above all else, meditation encourages us to breathe properly. Simple as this sounds, most people do not breathe properly and this disconnect breaks flow and focus repeatedly. In fact, simply by breathing correctly, many people have been able to lose weight. It also awakens our inner muse, and promotes an introspective agent to counsel our sixth sense. Above all, it guides us how to rid ourselves of the less pleasant aspects of life and to make them bearable. Consider the sources of many skilled in the art, and see how this trend can produce positive change for so many. Deepak Chopra is one such medical intuitive whose cultural roots speak well to the positive force meditation influences within us. His sources embellish these truths well: The joy that transforms a person through the art of meditation is well reputed around the world, and actively practiced in most Buddhist cultures today. Coupling meditation with yoga enhances its benefits.

Spending time alone is also not something many actively engage in. Yet doing regularly so would prove beneficial. Time immersed at a local concert, alone in the park, by the water, at a museum or simply taking time to write or draw all are activities that encourage us to listen for our own voice. Re-establishing our goals, our intents and to maintain what is important in our lives is a habitual practice we all need to exercise. Like mantras and prayers, repetition has a purpose as it reiterates what we have determined has value for us. Journaling is also productive and enables us to explore things we may not be consciously admitting to. In fact, most counselors actively use this method for its high productivity rate.

Regardless of what religion one practices, everyone needs to develop a mantra. This mantra should be something to whisper to oneself each morning and before bed each night. The purpose is to provide oneself a sense of direction and encouragement. Focus is what provides us all initiative to go forth during challenging times, and a mantra is a perfect channel by which to guide us. While we must make it personally unique to ourselves, it's critical to give it community ties. Whenever we allow our lives to be led with others in mind, our spirit reconnects more fully and we as people are given greater communion with our world as well as ourselves.


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