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11 Creative and Unusual Ways To Memorialize Your Loved One After Cremation !

Updated on April 3, 2015

Cremation Becoming a Popular Choice

With cremation becoming more popular in the United States people are seeking more creative and personal ways to memorialize their loved ones cremains. I work in a crematory and have seen this first hand in the last 5 years. In times past people would have decorative urns sitting on their mantels for generations. Now that times have changed so have the needs of the families of people who have been cremated. Here are 11 different and unusual ways to be remembered after cremation.

Ashes Turned Into Beautiful Pendants

Here an Artist uses some of the cremated remains to make beautiful pendants that you can wear. Below is the website if you wish to visit and check out their options.


Memorial Diamonds

A Swiss Company Turns People’s Cremated Remains Into Diamonds. Below is the website if you wish to view the companies options.

Beautiful diamonds created from ashes.


Life after Life

You can turn yourself into a tree after you die ! Your ashes can be mixed with the seeds to grow a beautiful tree that can be planted in a forest or special family spot to be remembered for years to come. Below is the website if you'd like to check it out.

Tree Urns


Artful Glass Made From Ashes

Cremated Remains turned into beautiful art glass pieces. There are a few different sites that sell similar items. I posted a website below for an example but you can search for your own. These can be used as paperweights, sun catchers, or just a beautiful piece for a decoration. | Source

Turn Your Ashes Into A Coral Reef

You can have your ashes turned into an artificial coral reef. Your remains will help restore damaged reefs and create a nurturing marine environment for fish and other forms of sea life.This is a treasure that will last a lifetime. Below is some information I found on line about this beautiful process.


Sands Of Time

You can be sand in an hourglass ! This is a very nice spin on a traditional urn. There were a few different sites that sold these type of urns . Below is an example of one I found but you can shop around.


Turn Your Ashes Into A Vinyl Record

You can be turned into a vinyl record !! Not for everyone but might be for someone ! Below is a very interesting site. Not personally my choice of music, but if you search there may be more of the same with different types of music.


Stuffed Teddy Bear Urns.

You can have your cremated remains stuffed into the body of a plush Teddy Bear ! This would be great for preserving the memory of a child, or to give to a child to preserve the memory of their parents. There were many sites that offered these types of urns. Even some different animals. Below is just an example of one site that I found.


Ashes In Your Tattoo Ink

Tattoo artists can sterilize cremains and then mix them with tattoo ink ! It might be hard to find a tattoo artist to actually do this. There was a local place in my area that I know refused someone due to sensitization reasons, but it has been done. This would be a way to have your loved one with you forever. Below is an article I found on line explaining the process.


Put Your Cremated Remains Into Fireworks

My #1 favorite idea.... FIREWORKS from your ashes !!! What a great way to spread them ! Imagine seeing your loved one go out with a bang. Getting the recognition they deserve, being able to fly high above world going out in a blaze of glory. Below is one of the websites I found that does this service but you can feel free to search for others.


Launch Your Ashes Into Space !

You can have your ashes launched into space for a small fortune...but how cool is that ! Check the website below for the different prices and packages. Not sure how you'd really know if they got to where they were supposed to go or not but it's a neat idea.


Feelings on Non Traditional Cremation Memorialization

5 stars for Non Traditional Methods

Using A Unique Cremation Memorialization

How Likely Would You Be To Use One Of These Methods ?

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    • Marinda Seiwell profile image

      Marinda Seiwell 3 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Thanks poetryman! The coral reef is pretty cool but my favorite are the fireworks!

    • poetryman6969 profile image

      poetryman6969 3 years ago

      Voted up for some cool ideas. Think I will have the wife turn me into a coral reef.

    • Marinda Seiwell profile image

      Marinda Seiwell 3 years ago from Pennsylvania

      I put the links to all the sites in the Hub.. The prices are on there. The moon thing is like $12,000

    • AuntieEss profile image

      Shelly 3 years ago from PA

      I'd be interested in the prices of some of these things. I really like the art glass and diamond idea!

    • Marinda Seiwell profile image

      Marinda Seiwell 3 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Thanks for the vote ! We get jewelry to be filled a lot. Necklace pendants mostly. Never anything weird actually. I had heard of some of these before, but not the fireworks or the space thing.

    • Rachel L Alba profile image

      Rachel L Alba 3 years ago from Every Day Cooking and Baking

      Wow, I never would even have thought of some of these ways to save loved ones ashes. Has any one ever asked for any of these? What is the most unusual way someone had asked to save the ashes? I voted up and interesting.