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Creative ways to announce your pregnancy

Updated on March 30, 2012

1. Wearing Custom Apparel

With our first pregnancy, we ordered custom t-shirts to help make our announcement. My t-shirt had the word "Baby" across the chest and a big arrow pointing down toward my belly. My husbands shirt said "I love my pregnant wife". We had our families over for dinner and wore the t-shirts under an outer zip up sweatshirt. As the evening progressed, we nonchalantly to our sweatshirts off and waited for someone to notice. It didn't take long and was a huge success.

*Another thought- If you already have children you can purchase custom "Big Sister" or "Big Brother" shirts and do the same thing.

2. Creative Pregnancy Announcement Video

For our second pregnancy, we had our daughter make this announcement and we blasted it on Facebook so all our friends could see it. We got a lot of positive feedback about this idea. It made for an incredible keepsake too.

3. Positive Pregnancy Test

If the timing of your announcement falls around a family birthday or holiday, you could wrap your positive pregnancy test in a box and have the unknowing family member open the gift... just make sure they open it in front of everyone.

4. Creative Photo

Creative Pregnancy Announcement
Creative Pregnancy Announcement | Source
Using chalkboard to announce pregnancy
Using chalkboard to announce pregnancy | Source
Baby Shoes Pregnancy Announcement
Baby Shoes Pregnancy Announcement | Source

However you choose to make your special announcement, it will be something you will remember forever, so have fun with it! Go all out! Congratulations and happy planning :)


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