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Creatures of Habits

Updated on May 13, 2012

Bad Habits

The day we are born , we brought along some inborn habits which we already been doing while still in our mother's womb. Sucking our thumbs , covering a part of the face with our little fingers. Those are natural and harmless habits which will be discarded as we move along in life. Then we pick up good habits as well as bad ones. The hardest to change is the bad habits smoking , drugs , eating junk food , alcohol or just being lazy.

Everyday habits we set up for our self waking up at certain time and having our first cup of coffee or tea. Eating the same breakfast or taking the same route to work each day etc all these habits are not consider bad habits but if we can change our routine from time to time then we wont be stuck with doing the same thing everyday and thus getting so used to it that once we need to do some changes then we will get uncomfortable and perhaps even feel disoriented by those changes.

Each day we can start by changing our regular habits step by step instead of drinking coffee when we wake up , we can have freshly squeezed juice and wait about 30 minutes before having breakfast or our favorite coffee tea. Instead of watching morning news or on the computer we can do some light exercise at home or take the dog for a morning walk. By changing our routine and regular habits a little , we will feel fresh and make our life much more interesting. We wont get bored or become robotic if we are able to breathe fresh air into our life everyday by doing something different to motivate our self.

Cultivating good habits and stick to them are not easy. It takes determination and motivation to push yourself. Once we have succeed the rewards are we get better health in body and mind. We project a more positive image for others to follow. Generally we feel better and happier then those who are still stuck in their old ways and old bad habits and refused to do anything positive to change it.


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