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Criminal Received An Incredible Gift From God

Updated on March 14, 2016

Introduction (The Story Of Lee)

I really don’t know where to begin so I will just dive in. I recently learned that I have the ability to heal!!! I find it incredible. Why? Because I do not consider myself as a saintly person. I don’t attend church so I cannot understand why God has given me this amazing gift. It was only within the last few years that I believed that God truly existed. I am not easily convinced about anything that I cannot see or touch. I must experience things personally in order to believe. Trust me, I have experienced some incredible miracles by God so for those of you that do not believe...I advise that you dig a little deeper to find the truth about God.


My Healing Stories: The Beginning

I don’t want to bore you with every little detail so I will try to make my stories as short as possible. And please pardon my poor grammar...

Starting in 1987 I was serving time in a Federal prison on racketeering charges and sentence 20 years. My lady friend was sitting across the table during visiting hours massaging her temple which obviously appeared she was in agony. She told me she was having migraine headaches for years that pills nor and meds were not helping to ease the pain. I asked her to lean closer so that I could massage her temple. I cannot recall how long the massage took place but as I was massaging her temple she quickly looked up with a big surprise expression on her face and said "it’s gone"! This was the first that time I can recalled that someone had been relieved from my massaging them. Thereafter for the few years she visited me, she never once complained about those migraine headaches again. Not for brief second did I link it to my massaging as healing.

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My First Accidentally Healing Massage

I was released from prison in 1999. 2009 I was in the Philippines with a lovely Philippines girl friend. I would always pamper her with back rubs in which she enjoyed immensely. One day she was being very generous by asking me if I would massage her sisters, Mating, back because she was always complaining about backaches. Mating was young when she first started having babies. She already had 4 and she was 26 years old. I agreed to give her sister a back massage.

The following day Mating stopped by for her back massage. I did as promised and massaged her back. Later that day my girlfriend, Yummi said "daddy, Mating said you have healing hands". I gave her statement very little credence because Filipinas are very superstitious about many things. Yet this was the very first time my giving someone a massage was related to healing...


I Continued Healing In USA

I’m not ones to keep up with neither time nor trends but I think it was 2011 just before the world was predicted to end in 2012. I was now dating a girl living in Corning, California. She was the manager for a large elderly apartment complex. Anyways she complained a lot about how stressful it was to managing a complex with elderly unappreciative old people. I must admit the work was endless.The job was extremely stressful with very little relieve as that she lived on the premise and all during day or night she could receive a stress call from a tenant at any given moment.

Aside from the stressful days work, she had been suffering with back pains due to an auto accident a few years prior. I called her Goldi because she had long blond hair. I asked Goldi why she didn’t seek doctors’ treatment? She explained that she had been getting back therapy for a few years but did not do any good. So I asked her to put her finger on the ache. I then probed with my fingers and found a knot about the size of tiny walnut. I began massaging that little walnut and I felt it starting to shift away from the pressure of my fingers. She winced a lot during my massage but I didn’t stop massaging her. All the sudden i felt a sharp pain cut into the middle of my palm. I yanked my hand away and at the same instant she screamed "it’s gone!"

We continued dating a few months longer but she never complained about the back pain again. And I never gave it a second thought.


Healing An Arthritis Pain

2014 I rendezvous with a pinay I met on to Costa Rica. Her name is Kimora, a very non complaining, quiet, pleasant companion. However, she did complained about her arthritis in her left knee. Whenever she laid or stood too long it would give her pain. She told me she had this problem since high school and now she was 30 years of age. It pained her so much that she thought when she was financially able she would get surgery on it. I was doubtful that a young person could have arthritis at her age. I can only recall older people complaining about arthritis pains.

I began to massage the back side of her knee. I could feel a knot and it began to move away from my fingers. I also noticed she was not wincing from my touch as much as before. I continued massaging until she quietly said, "no more pain"..."are you sure" I asked in amazement. She repeated quietly "all gone.” She seldom showed any signs of surprised expressions and nothing seem to ever get her excited. But I’m thinking wow! I can really heal?Thanks you God for such a magnificent blessing. Being empowered to heal another human being with your hands is certainly a gift God would not simply give just to anyone. I am trying to understand “why me”?

The following morning the first thing popped into my mind was asking Kim did the pain in her knee return? She replied, "no, no more pain." I felt like turning head over heels back flips. Even if she didn’t appear to be excited, I most certainly was. She also said to me that I had the ability to heal without my sharing my previous healing experiences with her. I treasured her words because she was an educated young woman, a school teacher in fact. I shared with her that I could not understand why God had bestowed such an incredible gift on me. I became even more surprised by her when she said "God has blessed you with this ability because He has a purpose for you..." I Didn’t realized until then that she had much knowledge about the bible.


A Short Interuption: My Other Ability Aside From Healing

Let me qualify why I say that Kim is knowledgeable about the bible: When we first moved into the little cabina, we started getting an unusual amount of activities such as houseflies and worms. A little bug spray made them go away but shortly after the cabina was filled with more than before. Now I am thinking please don’t let it be another ghost but no such luck. There were other signs pointing out that there was a ghost in the cabina. I get very annoyed and frustrated living in the same space with ghost [don’t like using the word “ghost” because some super natural were once human being like you and I so I prefer to say spirit.] Just to be sure that my intuitive nature was working correctly, the next morning I inquired to the cabina owner before he headed out for work. He and his wife are from Utah. They ran a tourist business. Anyways, I greeted him early that morning by asking him did he have any knowledge if anyone who had died on this property? He pause only a second as he looked straight into my eyes. Yes he said about 10 years ago there was a body found in a water drum. So, my intuitive wisdom is still working. I told Mike that the guys’ spirit is still here on the premise. He rolled his eyes and said “ I’m busy and must get to work”. That statement was dumb on my part. People don’t believe that kind of stuff even if it hits them dead between the eyes. At least he confirmed that the guy in the water drum spirit was still there.

I shared with Kim that I am very bothered living with spirits because they can become very unpredictable and they can do things that will blow you away. I don’t understand why they always bothers me? She replied, “because they need your prayers”. She said this as a matter of facts. I said why don’t you pray for him?

She replied, “because God will hear your prayers”.

“ And why are you so sure of that?”

She went on to say “because God favors you”

I had plenty of respect for Kim but I could not understand where she was getting her information. I told her to write a prayer on a piece of paper for me…Right here I am going to discontinue the ghost stories because it gets pretty deep... so I will continue with my healing stories. Perhaps later, I will share the entire stories about my ghost experiences….

Costa Rica Ventures: Roy after 3 or 4 weeks of his heart failure


I Brought Roy Back To Life From a severe Heart Failure

I had a project that I was working on and needed a long time friend, Roys’ assistance. So I return to USA to see if I could recruit him to return to Costa Rica with me. I was skeptical about inviting him because he had been an alcoholic for more half his life but I needed his skills in helping me with my project.

2015 rolled in and I’m in Tracy, California, where my sister lived. Roy lived in Modesto only about 30 minutes away from my sisters’ place. I met with him and shared my plans about his returning to Costa Rica with me and he agreed to come with me. He I told him about my concern with his drinking. I was surprised when he said he would stop the drinking starting this very day. I had my doubts but I proceeded with helping him with passport and purchasing other items for our project.

Almost 2 weeks waiting for his passport in the mail, I received a call from a mutual friend informing me that Roy was in emergency hospital with heart failure and only 15% of his heart was functioning. Also the doctor said he that he won’t get better for at least another 90 days. I’m thinking that Roy had 1 foot in the grave and the other in hell. I was certain he would not last but a few days before meeting his maker.

I found out later that he was now staying with his mother. I called asking how was he doing? She said he’s laying on the sofa and can barely get up to go to the bathroom and having a difficult time getting up to eat. Few days later I drove to his mothers’ house to see him. I swear, he was whiter than a bed sheet and could put any skeleton to shame. Now this was the time for me to see if I truly had the ability to heal. I had to try anything to get him on his feet because I cared about him plus I had plans set for Costa Rica and most my money invested into this project.

Fast forwarding this video, I massaged him and 2 days later he’s up and on his feet. Not completely well yet but a big improvement from lying on his mom sofa near dead. Three weeks later in Jaco, Costa Rica, he said, “man I have to take a swim into the Pacific Ocean” So yes I was almost convinced that I was capable of healing but I wasn't totally convinced. In spite of his unwillingness to acknowledge that my massage brought him back from a sure grave, I’m very grateful being equipped with the knowledge that I have the ability to heal. THANK YOU FOR THIS GIFT DEAR HEAVENLY FATHER...

An Alcoholic Girl With Liver Cirrhosis

Kim and I lived in various places in Costa Rica for 9 month. During those 9 months I traveled back and forth to US buying and selling cars off I bought an old van to live in so not to spend money on motels. Most times I would hang out at Mcdonald in Stockton, California for their free wifi and to eat breakfast. The area was plagued with homeless people and I was one of them. The only thing that separated me from them, I had a van to sleep in. Anyways, on occasions I would noticed this attractive black girl sitting at a particular table to charge her mobile phone [she too was homeless]. On one occasion, I caught her staring at me, not once but several times. I walked over to her table and ask if she wanted something to eat. She said “fries”. So I bought her fries and went back to what I was doing. She had some sort of condition that caused her to scratch all over her body. I thought perhaps she was a drug addict.

The next time I found her sitting there, I told her that I was living in my van and would she like to go park at the marina and talk. She accepted my offer. On our way to the marina, I then realized that she was an intelligent girl and her uncontrollable scratching was not caused by drugs. I asked her what sort of condition did she have to cause her to scratch that way.

She explained that for the past 10 years she had been drinking a lot and now developed “liver cirrhosis”. I shared with her how I healed Roy and maybe I could help her as well. I asked her if she believed in God? She replied “no”. She only believed in science. I was thinking that healing shouldn’t have anything to do with her belief and I would soon find out.

I asked her to remove her clothes and she did. I had a bottle of lotion in my van so I used some to massage and while massaging her, I prayed asking God to heal this girl. I made God a promise that if He allowed me to heal her, I would not have sex with this girl as a trade off, lol. That wasn’t very easy for me because I don’t drink, smoke, do drugs or any of that stuff. However, my drug of choice was sex and I admit that I am an abusive user.

Moving forward, I completed the massage and she quickly dressed and stepped out of the van scratching like bumble bees were attacking her. Though we were in the marina parking lot, she even lifted her dress scratching like she was a crazy woman. I asked her to return to the van but she continued scratching her itch. Finally I was able to convince her to return to the van so that I could take her back. While on the drive back to McDonald she explained what it felt like to have liver cirrhosis. She said that it felt like thousands ants biting all over her body. I asked her was she getting treatment for it and said the doctor cannot help her but she can buy Benadryl over the counter and it helps relieved the itch a little. I felt sorry for her while watching her scratch like a mad woman…

The following day I’m at my usual spot using the WiFi at McDonald. From the window I spotted the girl with the itch. I wish I had a video camera . Only if you could have witness what I was seeing with my own eyes. Usually that girl was alone most the time with her head downcast but not this day. She was dancing to and fro with this big grin on her face like a proud peacock in front of other homeless guys sitting in front of a liquor store. I watched a long time but she couldn’t see me. Finally she broke away from the guys so I hurried out to speak with her. As I walked up to her the grin faded from her face and replaced with a snarl. I said to her, “now do you believe in God?”

“ No I don’t!”

“But God helped you thru me hun”

“Actually I feel worse than before you massaged me”…

She was as negative as can be so I said I’m glad you feel better as I walked away. People never cease to amaze me. She felt that by admitting my massage helped her, she would have to attribute it to Gods’ blessing. I seen her around after that encounter and tried to talk with her further but to no avail. She seemed even more bitter but not even once did I see her scratching again………..


Crippled Hands

Kim proofed read my rough draft and she said that I should share more of my stories. I’m my worst critic and I’m afraid to come across as

boasting so I will only share a couple of more stories with you...

Months had passed since Roys' healing and now I find myself here in Manila again. I rented this little so-called condo near the airport. In USA it would be considered a good sizable closet yet they call it a condo but the price fitted my budget so there it is.

I met a girl on and invited her to my condo while Kim was visit her family in her province. Anyways, Jane is her name. As we were entertaining each other in bed, I notice she could not close her fingers into a fist so I had to asked why? She explained that both hands and feet had been that way since a child of 8 years old and that her parents could not afford therapy. She continued with how much she would love to dance and wear high heel shoes but both hands and feet was riddled with arthritis……

"Let me see your hands baby". She gave me her hands.Then I asked her to make a fist. She tried but could not make a complete fist. I massaged her hands for a few minutes and miraculously she was able to make a complete fist in both hands. She looked into my eyes and said "you can heal." I didn’t reply I just started massaging her feet. I asked her to move her feet around but it only had very little movements so I continued massaging both feet. Few minutes later she could manuver the right foot but my massage had no affect on the left foot...I never mentioned any such words of healing but she figured it out all by her pretty little self...

I was getting sleepy as that I was suffering with jetlag and fell asleep ...

The next morning I awaken and my first question to her, "how’s your hands and feet?" She showed me she could make a fist with both hands but only the right foot was maneuverable. My massage had no effect on the left foot. Hmmmm. I didn’t like that.

After breakfast I told her she had to go home. Why did i say that! This certainly brought the true pinay out of her. Bossy, controlling, jealous, demanding and many other negative emotional outburst. I sent her home in spite of herself. Whew!!! my dealings with pinays is just about equal to my experiences dealing with the supernatural/ghost! Those stories are a book all in itself and perhaps I will share those experiences at some point with you. I had lots of bad experiences with both pinays and the supernatural/ghost and cannot say which experiences is worse than the other...

The following day Jane was seriously upset with my sending her away. She started text messaging crazy things like she loved me and why was I treating her like this? She accused me of sending her home because another girl was coming to visit me. That had been our first meeting and its all about how much she loved me and yada,yada,yada. I just ignored the calls and text messages until the following day her girlfriend text message me saying that Jane foot was in serious pain and that she had been crying all day and night. I’m thinking yeah,yeah,yeah but turn out it was true, she was crying because her left foot was throbbing with pain. I wonder did I do something wrong to cause her foot to be in such pain? I decided to let her return to my place with the clear understanding that we were friends and nothing more. My main concern was her left foot so I massaged the left foot and from that day forth she was singing and dancing around her apartment like Michael Jackson. I gave thanks to God that the second massage had positive results.

But wait...there is more. She told me that her neighbors' little girl 6 or 7 years old was with both crippled limbs on her right. It happened while her mother was giving birth. She explained to me that the parents could not afford therapy for the baby so she walked with a limp and her crippled arm was obviously defected. I asked her please bring the baby to me, maybe I can help her.

When she returned holding the little girl in her arms , the site of me frightened her. She started screaming as if she saw King Kong and didn’t stop screaming until she was out of my sight. Wow.. I’m thinking what if all girl saw me like the little girl...i would be a sad case, lol. Poor baby probably never seen a 6ft3 black face2face in her entire life. Anyways, both parents returned with the dad carrying the little girl in his arms. She wasn't crying this time feeling secured and protected in dads' arms. So I gently took her little hands and told her my name and she smiled. I said "I won’t hurt you baby". Of course she only understood tagalog but my soft approach seem to be working. I gently began to massage her little crippled arms and hand and fingers. I asked her to make a fist but she couldn’t. I continued then I asked again her again to make a fist. This time success! She was able to make a fist. She made a big smile and said "thank you po". I was very pleased at the results. Then I removed her shoe and sock and started massaging the foot but it didn’t appear to do much good. I decided to return the next day and try again...

The following morning I returned anxious to see if my massage would healed the little girl crippled foot but the parents were too busy gambling on the sidewalk. Can you believe that the parents were too busy? They deserved a horse whipping! I continued begging Jane that entire day and night to bring the baby to me but Jane made it clear, "It’s their child so let it go" .It was painful for me to simply walk away but I had no choice in the matter....

Closure Message

There are more stories along these lines but I think I’ve bored you enough. So let me get down to the bottom line. I decided that I want to travel to all over the world to help little children and people that cannot afford therapy. I think this is what God has in mind for me otherwise why give me this incredible gift to heal his creation?

For More Information and Stories About My Healing Adventures, Please Message Me At The Comment Section:

Your Comments below are highly appreciated. Thank you for reading my stories and let me know if you have something to say or to suggest. I will get back to you with my site address to tell you about my handkerchief blessed by my prayer.


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    • bujoy83 profile imageAUTHOR

      Dream Conquerer 

      3 years ago from Costa Rica

      hi tillsontitan this is kim, the picture above saying roy and me is refering to roy and lee, anyways i should edit it. Thanks

    • profile image 

      3 years ago

      im thankful that i found this information here. if you like you can help me with registering with my new worldwide dating site

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 

      3 years ago from New York

      What wonderful stories! I must admit, I'm a bit confused by the picture of "Roy and me"...I only see a man in the picture and you are certainly not a man Kim!


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