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Cristiano Ronaldo's Workout and Diet Plan

Updated on June 17, 2010

The Next David Beckham?

Soccer Superstar Training

How does the world's best footballer train?

Cristiano Ronaldo, the Real Madrid and once Manchester United star, is an athlete that many young men look up to when it comes to achieving a great athletic body. If there is anyone in prime condition, it is certain that the 24 yr old Portuguese soccer player is at the top of the list of the highest ranks of athletes. Soccer players of the Premier League have stringent workout programs and rigid diets, and the following article we will show how men like Cristiano Ronaldo stay in such good shape.

It's customary for Premier League soccer players, depending on the schedule of their matches, to train for five days out of the week. Activities such as strengthening muscles, cardio, playing informal matches and practicing their free-kicks and penalty kicks are all a part of a day's work. There is quite a bit going on during each day's three to five hour workout session.

Soccer players that fans admire have amazing abs and incredibly toned bodies because they usually have 10% or lower body fat. Extensive training and a balanced diet are the two elements that come into play to help athletes to keep their low levels of body fat.

Let's take a closer look: (Cristiano Ronaldo Sample Routine Here)

Cristiano Ronaldo's Soccer Nutrition

Too many athletes don't realize that complex carbohydrates are an important part of the equation, and that's regrettable. The most advantageous number of calories for an athlete is between 2400 and 3000, way above the normal 1200 calorie diet adhered to by most. Because of such low caloric intake, many players start out their games with their storehouses of carbs that are well below the ideal. When the second half of the game begins, most athletes who plunged into the game with low levels will have already depleted their storehouses of carbohydrates.

This results in a lack of efficiency and drive during the latter part of the game. In relation to the first half of the game, glycogen-poor athletes perform less effectively - up to 50%, running quite a bit slower in the second half. Another sign that an athlete's ability to play effectively (as a drastic drop in glycogen levels occur) is that the player is unable to run as far and as long during the second half of the game - up to 25% less. As the game goes on, athletes with low levels walk more and run less than their teammates and opponents who have normal glycogen levels.

It is well worth it to consume extra carbs while competing. English soccer players drank glucose sports drinks during half of their 20 games and drank a placebo drink that merely contained colored water and flavoring during the other games as part of a contemporary study. This resulted in the athletes, during the second half of the game, procuring many more goals and doing a better job at keeping their competition from scoring. During the final half hour of play, when athletes consumed the placebo, they were more lethargic and their total time with the ball was decreased by 20-50%. Taking in a glucose drink during half-time and even before play begins shows a 30% hike in the speed and distance an athlete was able to travel, says another recent research analysis.

It is important to note that just sipping a sports drink throughout a game will not be enough, you need to ensure you have enough carbohydrates to truly have an effect on their muscle endurance. A good idea is to consume 14 ounces of sports drink 15 minutes before a game, this should supply you with 30grams of carbohydrates. You should then consume the same amount at half time, some players may not wish to do this because it may make them feel full. However if you do this through practice sessions the players will become used to it and will benefit from the extra carbohydrates.

Cristiano Ronaldo's Workout in Detail at Hollywood Body Fitness

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Celebrity Workouts and Diet Plans at Hollywood Body Fitness


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