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Crossfit / Weight loss journey Week Two

Updated on March 23, 2016

Day 4: Thursday March 17

I was supposed to go to the Box today to work out with on-ramp. I could barely stand up from soreness in my legs when I got up at 2:30am to breastfeed lil man. My arms were so sore that they were shaky. I caved to the soreness and crawled back into bed when the 4:30am alarm went off. Excuse of the day: going on vacation Friday March 18 and don’t want to be miserably sore for weekend getaway with the family.

Days 5-7: Friday-Sunday, March 18-20

Went on mini-vacation with family to New Orleans. Took Bug (5yr old step-daughter) and lil man with us (hubby and me) to explore the Audubon Zoo and Aquarium. I didn’t get in a workout per say, but we did do quite a bit of walking. Didn’t eat quite as bad (or as good) as I could have; I had to eat chicken/sausage jambalaya and half of a muffletta with sweet potato fries though! Feeling a bit down on myself for not going to Box on Thursday. Seriously doubting my ability to ‘catch up’ with on-ramp as I started my first day on the second week out of four weeks of training. Then I missed a day (Thursday) of the second week.

Audubon Zoo
Audubon Zoo | Source

Day 8: Monday March 21

I was up and down all night Sunday night/Monday morning with gastritis flare-up (see days 5-7 menu), mostly due to diet, caffeine and massive amounts of Ibuprofen (thanks to muscle soreness and recent dental pain). Didn’t get out of bed for class at 6am. I messaged Box owner/trainer about stopping this on-ramp and restarting with next class April 4. He recognized my ploy to be lazy and said I should continue this on-ramp and could take next on-ramp session as well. He tried to spin it positive, saying that it would give me “a head start on the next one”. Lil man had his first shots today and was a mess (inconsolably crying) all afternoon/evening, so there was no way I could leave him to go to the PM on-ramp class.

Day 9: Tuesday March 22

I took Bug to two parks and Chik-fil-A to play today. Granted, I didn’t do much more than walk around the park with lil man in a stroller, but it was exhausting nonetheless watching her play. Had to do a few things around the house today, but mainly tried to convince myself that I could be successful at on-ramp.


Day 10: Wednesday March 23

Lil man slept from 9pm to 3am, which allowed me to get a nice stretch of uninterrupted sleep. Fed him at 3am and the alarm went off at 4:45am. It was hard, I’m not going to lie, but I knew I NEEDED to get my butt up and go to the Box. Fed lil man twice before leaving the house at 5:45am and was sure to keep him awake during the hour before leaving the house. I wanted to be certain he would rest at the gym. As I had hoped, he fell asleep as we were pulling out of the driveway and didn’t wake up again until 45min after we got home! He is a trooper; he slept through moving him in his car seat, cool morning air, bright lights, music and weights dropping at the Box.

New skills

I was dreading the workout. Not because I knew what it was going to be. Not because I was embarrassed for my lack of ability. Truthfully, it was because I’m a wimp and dreaded being that sore again. Today, there were two other people in on-ramp with me; the same guy from last Wednesday and a lady who was there for the first time today. We started on the bike. That dreaded bike. Warmed up there for several minutes, followed by some air squats (over a box for me and the other girl). I felt better with the squats today. Something the trainer said last Wednesday clicked in my brain, and I realized that I was supposed to be bending with my hips (and not my knees) and making my hips go back instead of straight down. Then we used the training PVC pipes again. This time we were doing thrusters. Holding the PVC pipe as if it were a weight bar at shoulder height (going under the chin across both shoulders), we would squat down and upon standing, push the PVC pipe up and back over our heads. From there we worked on push ups. I haven’t done a push up since elementary school. No lie. I actually thought about it yesterday until I could remember the last time. The trainer of course demonstrated the proper push up on the floor, showing us what our ultimate goal of doing a push up should be. Then he showed us the progressions to get there. The guy in the class was able to do a regular push up, however, the other lady and I needed a modified version. He showed us how to do push ups using a bar on the weight rig. It wasn’t easy, but easier to manage than the real ones.



After he showed us HOW to do the skills, we put them into practice. We practiced doing several of the thrusters, this time using ten pound weights in both hands instead of the PVC pipe. We then practiced some of the modified push ups. After that, it was time for the workout. Today’s workout lasted 5 minutes and would be as many reps as possible of increasing numbers, meaning round one was 2 thrusters and 2 push ups, round two was 4 thrusters and 4 push ups, round three was 6 thrusters and 6 push ups, etc. The rounds would continue until time was up. I completed two and half rounds. I was slow, but didn’t stop.

I’m a little sore in my legs and arms this afternoon, but nothing like last week. I’ll be going back in the morning to learn something new! Until then…

Scaled push up
Scaled push up | Source


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    • DreamerMeg profile image

      DreamerMeg 24 months ago from Northern Ireland

      Don't be hard on yourself. Getting back into a hard workout like crossfit is not easy. When you are also breastfeeding and looking after another child, as well as having to get up REALLY early, you are doing very well. Missing an occasional workout is not a stop sign. Just pick yourself up and continue, as you seem to be doing. Well done.