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Crossfit is for everyone. It's time to demolish the initial fear of your first class experience.

Updated on August 8, 2016

So, What is Crossfit?

Crossfit is formally known as cross training. Constantly varied movements, at high intensity, in different time domains. There is a huge emphasis on strength, endurance, and gymnastics. Strength involves the snatch and clean and jerk, which are olympic lifts. It also encompasses movements like squats, bench press, overhead presses, and several others. The endurance portion is your basic running, rowing, and biking. However the gymnastics is a little different rendition compared to what you probably have in mind. In Crossfit, pull-ups, toes to bar, handstand pushups, handstand walks, and muscle ups are some of the main movements coaches program to different levels. The good news is, everything I just mentioned above can be programmed to any level! Someone who has never stepped foot in a gym can begin learning these movements, in baby steps. You will eventually find success within your own weekly progress.

Everyone has different goals when they decide to start Crossfit, and they are all prodigious and incredible! This includes: the former NFL football player who got injured and is rehabbing his way back to the game, the college student who is fed up with being lazy, an older individual who wants to feel strong walking to his mailbox or climbing the stairs in the house, the teen who hasn't found a sport that fits his expertise, the out of shape new-mommy who is sleep deprived and needs to do something for herself,all while caring for the new angel she brought into the world, the nurse who cares for the sick all day and decides to make a change in her own lifestyle. The key point is Crossfit can help people overcome weaknesses in all forms.

Who can do crossfit?

  • EVERYONE can do Crossfit.....
  • New moms
  • An individual wanting to get into shape for the first time
  • A recovering ,injured, individual who needs to gain strength
  • Retired athletes who want to stay in shape
  • Kids, teens, adults, and the 65+ age group
  • Any handicapped individual
  • There is no limiting factor

Some simple facts about your first class.

  1. No one is perfect when they attend their first class
  2. Everyone in that class has been a first timer too.
  3. Everyone will be at different levels. Some will be beginners just like you, and some will be six months into their Crossfit journey.
  4. The coach will be able to assess your current fitness level and make a plan that is suitable for you.
  5. The class will typically last one hour. An initial warmup is very important. The strength portion will be first, followed by a WOD. Wod stands for "workout of the day". This tends to be a high intensity workout with goals such as: as many reps as possible within a certain time cap, number of rounds for time, or interval/sprint work. For example, "Three rounds for time of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats".
  6. Three classes a week is a good goal to start with, and you can build from there once an initial strength and conditioning base is built.
  7. Eat a light meal about an hour before your class, and a meal consisting of protein and carbs afterwards. It is very important to feed your body in order for it to recover and be ready for the next class.
  8. Do not be intimidated by those stronger or faster than you. Focus on yourself and your coach.
  9. It is possible to catch up to them if you put in the work!

Crossfit South Regionals 2016. Team Competition.
Crossfit South Regionals 2016. Team Competition.

All you need is the motivation and the will to succeed!

You don't have to be talented, a naturally good athlete, or have good genetics. All you need is motivation and the will to learn new things. The first few weeks you will be introduced to all the basic movements and from there your coach will guide you through the progressions. The progress you make the first six months will be mind-blowing and you will fall in love with the journey. You will make new friends who will be there to keep you accountable, while pushing you to be a better athlete than you were the day before. That last sentence is the key selling point of this sport. Sure, you can go to a regular gym and do some weightlifting and cardio, but it doesn't beat the group of 10-20 people that greet you with a smile every day, ready to train along your side. The motivating atmosphere will keep you coming back for more, even when your body is exhausted from the previous days workout. This is a journey you will not want to quit!

Summing it all up:

  • First, make the decision to try Crossfit.
  • Second, conquer the fear of something new. Pick out the gym (box) you want to try and look them up on Facebook or instagram. Depending on the gym, there are classes throughout every day. Some offer a fundamentals class, so give them a call and see what they have to offer.
  • Third, show up to your first class with a positive and relentless attitude.
  • Conquer this new experience because you are now officially a Crossfit athlete!



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