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Buying & Using A Crystal Wand

Updated on April 5, 2011

A crystal wand is one type of crystal that is commonly used by those who are interested in crystal healing. Crystals (or gemstones) have been used by cultures around the world throughout history for their reputed healing and metaphysical properties. Different crystals are believed to have different effects, and are available in a variety of forms. These include natural crystals, crystal balls, crystal eggs, pendulums, thumbstones, palmstones, and crystal wands.

What Is A Crystal Wand?

A crystal wand is a crystal that has been carved into a long wand shape. You can also get some crystals that have a long wand shape naturally, although these are 'rougher' looking than the carved type. Crystal wands may be round or faceted, and just about any type of gemstone may be made into a wand, although quartz crystal wands are especially popular. Wands also vary in size from very small up to several inches in length.

Why Use A Crystal Wand?

People use crystal wands in a variety of ways, many of which make use of the concentration of energy that is thought to be produced by the wand's shape. Wands which are rounded at the tip (most are rounded on least one end, some at both) or along the length may be used for massage purposes; many believe that the energy of the crystal can be directly imparted to the body in this way, with beneficial effects. You can also use a crystal wand for aura cleansing, or to direct energy to a specific part of the body. Unlike natural crystals, wands can be placed directly on the skin without scratching or causing discomfort, making them a good choice for body work.

How To Use A Crystal Wand - Some Ideas

When using a crystal wand for energy healing work, most people move it slowly over the body (there's no need to touch the skin), and pay attention to how the wand moves and feels; blockages may be indicated by changes in this feeling. There isn't really a right or wrong way to do this – you just need to be aware of the sensations when moving the wand across healthy areas of the body or aura, and then you'll be able to detect the difference when there's a blockage or other energy disruption.

Some people also like to use their wands as meditations aids – by placing the crystal on the third eye area, your meditation may be deepened, and psychic insights may also be enhanced. Wands can also be used for ceremonial purposes, for the generation of electricity, and much more.

Before use, try cleansing your wand in running water or salt water, and then leaving it to dry and 'recharge' in the sunlight.

Marcel Vogel's Crystal Wands

Marcel Vogel (1917-1991) was a scientist who worked for IBM for 27 years. He also conducted his own independent research, and discovered, among other things, that when a crystal was pointed at another person, thoughts and emotions were amplified. In his studies of the healing abilities of quartz crystals, he discovered that crystal wands that were cut in a very precise manner, to mimic the ratios of the Egyptian Pyramids and the Tree of Life, had powerful effects on the body. If you want an especially potent crystal wand, it may be worth seeking out those that are made to Vogel's exact specifications.

Choosing A Crystal Wand

When choosing a crystal wand, you should let yourself be guided by your intuition. It sounds a bit vague, but you'll be able to 'feel' which crystal is right for you. You might like to build a collection of wands made from various types of gemstone; they all have their different properties and strengths, and it's nice to have a variety on hand for different purposes.

It's normal for crystal wands to have small inclusions (minor impurities in the stone), but you should be wary of any wand that appears to have large fractures, as these could cause the wand to break at a later date.

Where To Buy Wands and Other Crystals

Crystal wands are available in new age and metaphysical stores, from gemstone and mineral stores and other places that sell crystals. And of course you can find a huge variety of crystal wands online, often for much better prices than you'd pay in a store.


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      Jerry 3 years ago

      Son of a gun, this is so hefllup!

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      SamCat7 7 years ago

      Thanks for the comments and votes : )

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      Multiman 7 years ago

      I use crystals and carry 3 different kind in my medicine pouch. Good article voted it up.

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      Mystic Crystal Collection 7 years ago

      Crystal wands are valuable tools for crystal healing. I personally use it for meditation. I hold it in my hand during meditation while holding another healing crystal in the other hand. I choose to use one clear quartz wand and then another crystal, depending on my intuition. Thank you for the great article.