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Cuisinart Juice Extractor Review.

Updated on December 18, 2016

Cuisinart Juice



Cuisinart juice extractor is compact yet ideally fitting equipment for use either in small kitchens or in the larger ones for juice extraction. The large feed tube allows you to put in more juicing ingredients and for this, it saves you time and reduces the frequency of cleaning the juice extractor. Better still, there aren't any complex settings required to initialize the extraction process. Just a flip on the start switch will get the extraction process going. It has a pulp receptacle measuring 40 oz. For its size, the receptacle minimizes the duration and frequency of emptying pulp thus increasing amount of juice produced.

Product Details

In addition to the pulp receptacle, the Cuisinart has a 16-oz. juice jug where your juice collects with minimal foam or oxidation. This helps minimize wastage and essentially increases the nutrition value of the resulting juice. This, combined with use of centrifugal technology makes the juice preparation fast and suiting for those with busy schedules. Apart from these outstanding features, Cuisinart juice extractor is easy to assemble since only five parts that you'll have to join together. Still, the extractor is far easier to maintain and clean as well as move it around.

An AudioVisual Review of Cuisinart Juice extractor.

Specifications and Features

Weighs 7.0 lb
Its dimensions are 12.75 x 7.0 x 11.5 inches in height, width and length respectively.
Has a capacity of 16 ounces.
It has a single juice processing speed.
A control button to switch the extractor on or off.
Has an included dishwasher safe parts to ease cleaning.
It users centrifugal technology for its juicer type.
Comes in black color.
Has a two-liter detachable pulp container which can be detached for cleaning.
Made of stainless steel housing.
Has a 1,000-watt motor that drives it.
Includes a 1-quart juice pitcher.
Incorporates a foam-reducing filtration basket and a die cast.
Comes with a cleaning brush.


1. Easy to clean for it has dish washer safe parts.
2. Assembling parts back together after cleaning is easy and takes just some moments.
3. It hardly has any complex settings making it further easy to start using.
4. Uses the centrifugal technology that increases the revolutions made and thus improving the processing speed.
5. It's highly mobile for it only weighs 7.0 lbs. This makes it a good juicing equipment in small sized kitchens and households.
6. Stainless steel body finish makes it protected from corrosion and rusting thus lasts longer.
7. The detachable juice pulp can hold in excess of one and half liters. For this then, it can be used for extracting for several people.
8. A cleaning brush packed with the juice extractor makes cleaning easier and thorough.


1. Uses the centrifugal technology that makes the juicing process quite noisy which may cause inconveniences.
2. Mainly, the housing is made of stainless steel and the rest of body part is black in color. This may turn to be a limitation on color choice.


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