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Cure a Urinary Tract Infection Naturally

Updated on June 14, 2013
Painful UTI Symptoms
Painful UTI Symptoms

Symptoms of a UTI in Women

Women are strong and it takes a lot to bring a woman down and to make her stay in bed all day, but that is exactly what a UTI is capable of and you know this firsthand.

The most prominent symptom of a UTI in women has to be the pain. The pain is not only constant and grows sharper all throughout the day, but it is also the worst when urinating. Then, the sufferer experiences an intense burning sensation that is enough to bring anyone to tears.

Of course, there are other symptoms such as cloudy or foul smelling urine, but women aren't too concerned with that. When a UTI is present, the main concern is to figure out how to get rid of it and fast!

Treat a UTI Without Antibiotics
Treat a UTI Without Antibiotics

Why Antibiotics Aren't Always Necessary

We have it drilled and engrained in our minds that when something goes wrong with our bodies, we should automatically go to the doctor's to get relief.

Of course, sometimes that notion is the best one to take because doctor's are trained medical professionals who can help us get the pain relief that we need and to help us treat our infections accordingly.

However, with a UTI, antibiotics aren't always necessary. In fact, they might even take away from the time you could be spending on a natural treatment.

If you decide to go down the medical route of treatment, you will find yourself:

  • Driving to and from the doctor's office all the while in pain.
  • Having to wait hours just to see the doctor.
  • Getting your prescription filled at the pharmacy.
  • Paying out of your nose for your prescription.
  • Finally going home and then finally, starting on your antibiotic, only for it to take a few days to work.

Now, imagine if during this whole time, you could have been in the comfort of your home, treating your infection naturally and safely on your own? It's time that you made this a reality today.

UTI Question

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Cranberry Juice UTI Treatment
Cranberry Juice UTI Treatment

How to Cure a UTI Naturally

The good news is, you can treat your UTI on your own and ensure that you do so safely and effectively. There is no sense in spending all of that time and money on trips to the doctor's and pharmacy, when you could be putting that time to good use in treating your UTI on your own from home.

The idea of homeopathic remedies has been around for a long time - it seems as though only recently, women are actually taking note of it. Now, instead of filling their bodies up with antibiotics, which their immune systems will only respond to for a short while before becoming ineffective, resulting in the need for more drugs and stronger doses, they are taking a more natural and healthier road to treatment.

Even if the idea of natural remedies is something that makes you feel uneasy right now, you shouldn't let it! This is the safest way to treat your infection and the most effective.

Instead of worrying for another moment, here are some of the best ways to cure a UTI naturally revealed to you now:

  • Baking Soda. Baking soda is one of the best ways to treat a UTI. All you have to do is mix about a tablespoon of baking soda with about a cup of water and drink it down. The whole purpose of drinking it is because you want it to target the infection at the source, and the best way to do that is to have it pass through your urinary tract. Baking soda is a great neutralizer, meaning that it will neutralize the acid spike in your body and bring it back down to normal, helping to cure the infection and ease some of the pain.
  • Cranberries. This might very well be the most ancient method to treat a UTI, but that is because it works. Cranberries are great for coating the bladder, helping to give the sufferer instant pain relief and not only that, but cranberries also assist in inhibiting the growth of bacteria, meaning that your infection will stop dead in its tracks now. The only important thing to keep in mind with cranberries, are that you should ONLY drink the juice and not the cocktail. The last thing your body needs is a spike in sugar. Bacteria love sugar, so by drinking the cocktail, you are really just feeding into your infection and making matters worse.

Before you try anything else, give these two natural remedies for a urinary tract infection a shot. You might be pleasantly surprised at how well they work for you and not to mention, how quickly!

Take control of your heath now.


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