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Cure for Blindness

Updated on June 16, 2011

Will there ever be a cure for blindness?

The Eye doctor will always be around but hopefully eye diseases like glaucoma and macular degeneration will be a thing of the past. Cataracts are common in today's busy world but eye problems like this are being corrected one by one.

What's just about the scariest thing you can think of?

Well, in my case, it's going blind. My mother went blind at the age of 83. For me, the next five years were some of the most worrisome and extremely frustrating years. Imagine what it's like for the person who has just lost their vision. I don't even want to imagine this. It just upsets my stomach. I'm only 20 years away from the time my mother went totally blind and I'm hoping that one day soon, a cure will be found for blindness before it happens to me.

On the news a few weeks ago, a story came out that scientists have discovered the gene that causes blindness as we age and within five years, there's going to be a big turnaround in the number of people losing their eyesight. Oh, there's cancer, heart disease and so many more things that one can be afraid of. People say that drowning is their worst fear but drowning doesn't last five years or more. I can't imagine waking up one morning to nothing but "black" all around me, knowing that I'll never see again. Hearing is one thing. I can deal with not being able to hear. There's always sign language and giving the finger to someone. At least I can duck when the punch comes my way.

My mother was always an outgoing jovial soul who loved to shop, watch her television programs, attend her weekly Bridge club and bowl at least 2 strings at the local bowling alley every Thursday afternoon with the ladies bowling club. Yes, she hated to be couped up inside on a nice day. She was always one to look after her gardening in the summer and enjoyed traveling to different places. But all that came to a virtual standstill one night went her retina detached from her right eye while watching television. A year later, the other eye went and that was it. Her life was basically over and from then on, all I remember are days of crying, weeping and hospital visits. I had to basically remove my mother from her home one day and transfer her to this senior home where everything was strange to her. This all happened in a matter of days. You can't tell me that going blind is an easy thing - maybe when you're a lot younger and can get used to it. But when you're in your 80's, it's a lot different, let me tell you.

Mom sat around all day from then on in a chair beside her bed, with a telephone beside her. But she couldn't call anyone because she couldn't see the numbers on the phone so she waited day after day by this telephone with the hope that today would have lots of incoming calls and things to talk about. There were days when the phone would never ring, except for my call or my visit. Then there were days that I could take her out or if my brother came for a visit, he could take her out. She couldn't stay at my place because she would get up in the night and get lost in the hallway, all turned around. What a way to end your life. I don't want that at all.

So if you had a choice between deafness and blindness or losing a limb or whatever, what would you pick? Eventually, we're all going to die but it's how we're going to go that I don't look forward to.

Sorry for the sad and depressing writeup but it was just a passing thought in my head that I put down on paper --- i.e. computer. I won't commit to another hub like this one.

Have a wonderful day!


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