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Cures VS cancer

Updated on December 21, 2013

The more my fight with pancreatic cancer evolves and I have to dig deeper into healthcare, I cannot help wonder about how upside down our whole health care system seems. You really have to question how hard the organized medical community such as Universities, private drug companies and research labs in general are trying to cure cancer.

The main plan seems to be profit over people, clearly something is broken or so many people would not lose their lives every year.

The amount of money that is spent on cancer research alone yearly is astounding considering how little progress we have actually made. The real scary part is the average age people are diagnosed is getting much lower than any other time in our country’s history.

The National Cancer Institute who in fact a part of the United Sates government receives over $4.8 Billion Dollars a year in tax payer funding and only 2% of these monies up until now have been used for pancreatic cancer research. President Obama signed a law in December 2012 requiring them to find early detection methods and work on effective treatment options.

The fact that it took a law to get them to start looking for early detection methods or to strongly pursue finding effective cures I think is inexcusable.

The real scary part of all this is the average age of cancer patients is quickly dipping into the teens and no one seems to have taken notice.

The statistics are staggering when you consider over 45,000 people will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this year and over 37,500 will not beat the cancer that is over a seventy percent fatality rate, sadly in most cases the cancer is found is such advance stages patients are lucky to make even six months.

This six months usually will be used for treatments that do not do anything but line the pockets of the hospitals and drug companies, in fact I have seen some studies suggesting that stage 4 patients electing to skip chemotherapy on average last longer than those choosing the treatment.

This is why I am so furious about how the big players in this game seem to be handling things.

When you look at the facts basic cancer research began in the 1940’s and Billions of dollars have been spent, some progress has been made for certain types of cancer however every year the amount of people diagnosed with some form of cancer is steeply rising, therefore the progress is not really gaining us any ground in beating any particular form of the disease.

The scariest fact I uncovered is the United States has by far one of the highest rates of cancer in the world! some third world countries are just the opposite some is wrong here.

You have to really start wondering what the real plan here is, profit over life sounds crazy until you start looking in to how much money there is in this for the drug companies, government and healthcare providers.

I started looking into how much the Big Drug companies make and I cannot get a straight number however I learned they spend 19 times more on promotional efforts than research, I believe that may be the wrong kind of dedication.

prescription drugs
prescription drugs

According to the big drug companies creating a new drug cost over $53 Million in research & development and FDA fees and that is why they charge so much for Medications. I am more than skeptical though about the numbers they report, really are we smart to trust every figure they give us about R&D and their actual costs

This is only a part the story though, The Food and Drug Administration makes huge money every year from the drug companies they collected $529,576,543 in fiscal year 2010 in fees and for application’s for new drug testing.

The government certainly get’s their piece of the pie and the lofty fees they impose pretty much guarantee small drug companies will never compete with the industry giants for new drugs or cutting edge drug development allowing the giants to control the game.

chemicals in food
chemicals in food

The final piece of course is the food companies who are putting more chemicals in our food than ever in history, The FDA allows them to classify over 500 chemicals as “Natural Ingredients” and I am willing to bet these chemicals have a part to play in the increased number of disease’s people are diagnosed with every year.

You may ask “why all the chemicals?” for a lot of reason’s honestly:

*They Preserve flavor

*Provide longer shelf life

*To make you crave the food more

This is a long list so it’s better to just touch on it. The point is it’s all about profit and not about quality. When do your grocery shopping start looking how the package sizes are ever decreasing while the price always seems to go up somehow.

When you start looking at all the pieces together you start to get a picture of greed and corruption that is staggering. There is just too much profit in main stream drugs and no profit at all in seeking out natural or low cost health care solutions to any type of medical malady.

I am sure every special interest group here has their lobbyist ready to defend the company’s best interests. You may doubt how far they will go to ensure huge profits well try this on for size, the drug companies actually had a law passed stating only a “Drug” can cure an illness or disease, and under this law natural cures are considered un-lawful.

I am sure this law is not enforced too much it’s just the fact they took the money and time to get it passed that tells me where their interests are centered.

The final piece I find quite interesting and disrespectful, according to aFDA policy any patient that survives more than four years from their initial diagnosis of any type of cancer is considered cured, interesting so according to these enlightened people if I live 6 years from now and the cancer kills me they will have the Gaul say I was cancer free at the time of death, I find this pure heartless political nonsense.

This is just insulting to everyone fighting cancer and their survivors to pull something like this. When you think about it really the only purpose this can serve is to sway the numbers the government uses to report on their “War on cancer”.

Truth about big Drugs companies

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    • sdstone1972 profile image

      Scott Stone 4 years ago from Massachusetts,USA

      Thanks for the update my_girl_sara this just confirms what I already suspected,its all about the all mighty dollar. I hope this vaccine finds its way through the FDA red tape jungle sooner than later.

    • my_girl_sara profile image

      Cynthia Lyerly 4 years ago from Georgia

      I understand Israel is in clinical trials for a cancer vaccine.,7340,L-4170853,...

      The whole cancer thing is nothing but a money maker here in the US. They are simply not interested in truly finding a cure--it's obvious!