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Curing Diabetes with Small Yoga Exercises and Food Habits

Updated on July 16, 2013
Curing Diabetes With Simple Yoga Exercises And Food Habits
Curing Diabetes With Simple Yoga Exercises And Food Habits

Measures To Take For Curing Diabetes With Small Yoga Exercises And Food Habits

Curing diabetes disease can be extremely difficult if patient do not follow proper food habits and do not work out with simple yoga exercises. Food habits play a vital role in controlling diabetes to a great extent and a small work out of yoga exercises improve metabolism and control blood sugar levels in the body. Due to hectic day-to-day schedules most of the diabetic patients worry about how to cure diabetes disease gradually. Following these below simple practices would help diabetic patient get great relief from diabetes disease.

Control and Cure Diabetes With Yoga Exercises
Control and Cure Diabetes With Yoga Exercises

By Performing Small Yoga Exercises To Cure Diabetes.

Diabetes can be controlled to greater extent by performing small yoga exercises. These small workouts enhance metabolism and insulin production required for digesting sugars in the body. Some of the best yoga exercises for curing diabetes disease are:

Meru Vakrasana - Doing this yoga exercise squeezes pancreas and liver to a great extent. This yoga improves the functionality of liver and pancreas alarmingly. Especially pancreas gets squeezed a lot when doing this exercise.

Ardha Matsyendrasana - This Yoga exercise is very popular from ancient times for better pancreatic and liver functionality. Ardha Matsyendrasana yoga exercise not only cures diabetes, but also other gastric related diseases right from oesophagus to rectum.

Mandukasana – Benefits of mandukasana yoga exercise is innumerable for stomach and intestine related problems. It is a plays a major role in keeping pancreas and liver healthy. When performing this yoga, pancreas and liver are stressed a lot there by beta cells in pancreas start activation, curing patient from diabetes disease. This yoga exercise is also very popular in curing constipation, there by activate pancreas, liver and gall bladder. This yoga also improves peristaltic movements of small intestines and large intestines.

Doing these proven yoga exercises to cure diabetes disease, one can find remarkable changes in blood sugar levels.

Consume Fruits and Vegetables To Cure Diabetes
Consume Fruits and Vegetables To Cure Diabetes

By Consuming Foods That Control Diabetes

Apart from the above said yoga exercises, food habits also play a major role to check diabetes under control. Consume these below following foods to cure diabetes disease.

Bitter Gourd, Cucumber and Tomato Juice- Juice of bitter gourd, tomato, cucumber in equal quantities also cure diabetes. This is one of the best remedies to cure diabetes. Having this one glass of juice in morning hours on empty stomach is extremely beneficial for better pancreatic function.Consume recipes prepared with bitter gourd regularly to cure from diabetes.

Sprouts- Soaking cereals in nighttime for about ten to twleve hours and removing the water and allowing them to germinate for about another 24 hours. Once they are germinated it's better to consume in morning time on an empty stomach as these germinated cereals contain very useful enzymes required for better pancreatic and liver functionality. But be careful, consume only germinated cereals rather than soaked ones to avoid indigestion and gas related problems. Add small pieces of chopped ginger and prunes for better digestion. Germinated cereals only have useful enzymes that keep liver and pancreas happy.

Fruits and Vegetables- It is a well-known fact that every doctor and nutritionist suggest diabetic patients to consume lot of fibre food to control and cure diabetes. Both Fruits and vegetable have a good amount of fibre. Vegetables that belong to beans family are useful in controlling diabetes because these vegetables have a good amount of insoluble fibre. People who consume good amount of insoluble fibre food are less prone to diabetes disease. Java Plum (Kala Jamun) is a very good fruit to cure diabetes. Java Plum has abundant antioxidants. Small amount of papaya can also be taken.

Small Portions of Food Intake- Consume small portions of food with adequate time gap to keep liver and pancreas out of stress. This habit is extremely good for better digestion and better metabolism and to keep diabetes under control.

Following the above small practices on daily basis would help diabetic patients, get considerable relief and control from diabetes disease gradually.


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    • profile image

      KP 2 years ago

      A very good and informative article. It would have been even better had links been provided to how to perform the exercises mentioned in the article.

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      suhas G Doiphode 3 years ago

      I want to cure my diabetes on diet and exercises.This information help me and guide me about my disease thank you very much.. yours suhas