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How to Cure Fever and Cold in Seconds

Updated on January 3, 2015


Cold and fever are among the most common sickness around the world. It’s a natural ailment which triggers from an imbalance flow of bioelectricity throughout the body. Caused by pressure, depression or any other form of negativity. Sometimes, infections may due to external factors, like the carrying of spores through the air. Released by an infected person while coughing, sneezing or spitting.

Over the years, I’ve seen people around me spending money on doctors and medicines just to cure a mere sickness. To me, it’s such a waste! During my early years, I used to regard it the same way. Somehow, I came to a realization that frequent intake of medicines will lead to some kind of addition where it lowers the immune system natural defenses. Making us more susceptible to infections as our immunity has become too dependable on medical. Testing your durability is a key towards strengthening the immune system. Many lives in ignorance of knowing that the greatest healing lies within themselves.

Today, let us begin a new healing journey through an ancient way called “The Art of Breathing”. Like most breathing exercise which could be found in books, requires time and space as every stance that was practiced involve a particular set of movement. Unlike the technique I about to teach, it could be applied at most circumstances. It may sound simple, instead it took me nearly a month to meditate and create such a technique. Furthermore, you do not need to bring out a single penny from your pocket. Success lies solely on your believe and the ability to direct the motion of your breath. Now, read and follow the sequence carefully as mentioned below:-

My Personal Breathing technique:

  1. Generally, before a person is struck by fever, there will be signs of body aching everywhere. Then, from catching cold leads to flu and blocked nose. Or, vice-versa.
  2. While experiencing blocked nose, this is the right time to apply the breathing exercise.
  3. You may sit down on a chair or stand up straight. For a better result, perform it while you’re walking.
  4. Relax and free your mind. Stop breathing in order to create a pressure in the belly.
  5. As you experience there’s a sense of suffocation, hold on until it gets real intense. But, don’t breathe yet!
  6. Then, direct the pressure from the belly right up to the blocked nose by using the imagination of your mind.
  7. Suddenly, you will experience the blockage of your nose is gradually fading away. Keep in Mind! Maintain the sequence I’ve taught until the blocked nose is totally cleared.
  8. At that moment, the agonizing fever that sickens you for days will also disappear, along with the cold. As you can see, this is a method of reversing an infection.
  9. Enjoy a day free from sickness. Yahoo!

Important Notes:

  • If an attempt is not successful, try it over again until there’s changes. This occurs especially when your sickness is heavy. The rate of healing also depends on the body’s immunity and your level of confidence. Don’t give up. All the best to you!


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    • Sheng Long profile imageAUTHOR

      Sheng Long 

      3 years ago from Kingdom Grace

      I taught this breathing technique to one of my colleague. He tried it out and eventually, his cold and fever are healed in seconds after a week of agony!

    • KMSplumeau profile image


      3 years ago

      Very interesting article, I'll have to try this out for myself. Voted up, thanks for posting


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