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Curing the Boredom Blues

Updated on October 25, 2017

In a world full of choreographed life routine and familiarity, it is inevitable that everyone will run into a road block of disinterest or general discontent. When this happens for either the short-term or long-term, there are a few simple alternatives that can bring back the spice of life.

Bordedom can actually inspire new opportunities to discover ourselves by trying something new and out of the ordinary. Test the waters with these tips to see if you don't open a door to a new perspective of excitement.


-Try a New Hobby-

Free time usually translates into "me time" and gives the opportunity to indulge in a hobby or passion. If there is something that you would be interested in doing, but never could find the time, then consider it as an alternative in place of whatever free time activity you have. Do something new and exciting... maybe even something that intimidates you (within legal standards of course). As the old saying goes, "You never know until you try". So go find or create a hobby. Be daring. You never know what you may discover. Chances are whether it is exciting or risky, it will most definitely put a kink in the boredom cycle.


-Take a Vacation-

Nothing helps to break a dull routine and stress like a vacation. Find time to get away from work even if it means venturing outside of your home town or taking an imaginative mind-vacation at home. The act of moving, can energize us and often times offer a new fresher perspective. The point is, you are freeing yourself from the daily grind and can indulge in some heavy duty stress-relief with a strong dose of adventure. Take a cruise. Venture to another part of your home town. Escape through an at-home activity. Whichever is most attainable, satisfying and freeing, do it. The simple act of taking a vacation whether mentally or physically, can help you rejuvinate mentally, physically and emotionally.


-Meet New People-

Meeting new people is rather simple nowadays especialy with the access allowed within the online world as well as the real world.While venturing out to a new place, aspire to engage in conversations with new people. You never know what you may learn and you may also end up establishing some really fulfilling long term relationships both personal and professional.


-Keep Busy-

No matter how you slice it, there is always something to be do, it is all a matter of what you are willing to do. During times of boredom, use this time to catch up on future tasks or pursue a goal in waiting.


-Change Your Perspective-

This is perhaps the most important step. Keep in mind that "boredom" is an illusionary mind-state and to release ourselves from it, we must acknowledge and appreciate the unpredictability and possibility that life brings us. In doing this, we also reclaim our power as co-creators and discover that each moment can bring us the fulfillment that we seek.

© 2011 Latasha Woods


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