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Cycling in Australia

Updated on August 17, 2015

Cycling for young and older

Everyone can enjoy the pleasure of riding a bicycle no matter what your age as long as you can get on and peddle !

In places like Kalbarri where there are bike tracks it makes sense to take advantage of them & enjoy riding your bike getting fresh air and exercise rather than take the car on short journeys .

I love riding my bike and have done since I was young when my Dad taught me .

I remember those first few moments when I was about 10, Dad running up and down the road with me holding onto my bike as I peddled in Christchurch, New Zealand and then he let go !

I did fall like most ,however once I got the hang of it I was hooked.

At age 13 we lived out in the country and sometimes instead of taking the bus I would ride the 3 miles into school. If it was raining I would take a change of clothes for the day.

At age 15 I had an almost new Ralaigh 20 in Nelson ,New Zealand for &$50.

I loved that bike and rode it every day to work during the week and to the beach or friends places on the weekend .

After getting married and moving to Australia it was a while untill I had another bike however I still enjoyed cycling .

On a holiday in France we went on a family bike ride from the farm we were staying at and explored the village of Nemours below Paris which was fun.

I made sure all my girls could ride bikes at an early age so they could share the same fun.

Later on I found a bike I love to ride for $20 in a garage sale in NSW .

It now comes with us everywhere ( I am 45 now ) and I use it everyday in Morawa WA to go shopping or to work etc.and it will come with us onto the next place and beyond !

Bike Tracks

Kalbarri Bike Track
Kalbarri Bike Track
My bike I have had for a few years
My bike I have had for a few years

Safety on the bike

Years ago it came in as a law that we had to wear a bicycle helmet and a lot of people stopped riding their bike because of it which is sad .

We felt silly for a while however we make sure we wear them for safety reasons so do make sure you all have one and wear it as your head is precious and they do save lives.

Also make sure you have reflective clothing and lights on at night for your safety and that of others on the road.

Cycling clubs

There are many cycling clubs you can join in Australia if you would like to get more involved and be part of a group activity.

You can join as a single or as a family and also sign up for bike racing if you are really into the sport.

If in  Western Australia it is a great place to explore by bicycle, with a wonderful climate and a generally flat terrain.

It does not matter whether you are a regular rider or less fit rider our landscape is suitable for all classes.

The excellent networks of paths and on-road facilities in the world-class Perth Bicycle Network make getting about very easy for cyclists.

The distances from Perth to other regional centres can be vast, so take your bike on or in a car. You will be able to drive to the major towns and then ride around the local area.

Your bicycle is also welcome on many of the regular train and bus services connecting towns throughout the State.

Benefits to cycling

There are many benefits of cycling

1. It is a great way to be active and fit in some exercise.

2.Save money , buy less petrol or public transport

3. Help save the environment , less fuel being used.

4.reduces your risk of disease,and  lowers blood pressure

, 5.  It also  improves  your sleep after all that exercise

6. You get to see more of the area.

7. Its an activity for the whole family to enjoy together !

This is what we want to do soon !


salt 9 months ago

Wonderful. Love bicycle riding and great article.


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