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DDD and My Life After Diagnoses

Updated on March 12, 2016

Life Since Diagnoses of Degenerative Disc Desease

Hi again,

This time, I'm sharing my life experience of what it is like to live with Degenerative Disc Disease. Now DDD is when your padding in between the disc in your spine just wears down and basically becomes non-existant and your disk than began to either rub together or they can fuse together depending on the amount of time that has past. Mine are just rubbing together which causes extreme pain in my lower back, hips, and all the way down my legs. I never really thought much of it until it started getting so bad that I could barely walk. Sometimes my legs would even go numb or get to where I could not feel them. I finally went to my doctor and they ordered any x-ray and found that I had DDD. Living with this is hard for some people and for others it can be somewhat simple. I am one of the ones that it may be hard a couple days, but then I am up and moving around and doing everything I need to be doing just like I am supposed to. I will get up and wash and fold clothes and clean house and all just like I normally would. It is a difficult situation to be in living with this disorder, but I have the support of many behind me. Over the course of the last couple of months since my diagnosis, my life has changed quite a bit, but I am slowly getting my life back. I am seeing my doctors and managing the pain and walking which the doctor said was actually good for me. I walk twice a day with my husband and I eat healthily. With my constant faith, I know that I cam defeat all that is put in my way.


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